A Cahill Ranch Novel , Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-373-78926-9
March 2017
Contemporary Romance

Gilt Edge, Montana Present Day

Nine years ago, Lillie Cahill and Trask Beaumont were young and in love, until he became the prime suspect in a murder and fled. Lillie has tried to get over Trask, but still thinks of him nearly every day. Then, one night, he secretly shows up and tells her he wants to clear his name. With her help, they begin an investigation into who murdered a prominent businessman. But once Lillie and Trask start digging, they learn they've ruffled too many feathers. Will the road to the truth end in danger and death? Meanwhile, Lillie and Trask are discovering one inescapable truth: they're still in love with each other.

As RENEGADE'S PRIDE opens, Lillie's eccentric and lone wolf father returns from being in the mountains for weeks to declare that aliens had abducted him and then turned him loose. The family mostly laughs it off, but Eli's account of what happened to him seems too real. Lillie's brother (and sheriff), Flint, contacts the military about the secret missile silos outside town to see if the aliens report is connected to some secret mission they're doing. However, no one is giving answers. Flint has his own issues to deal with, mainly a possessive ex-wife who seems to want to make sure he doesn't date another woman.

Book one in the latest series by B.J. Daniels, RENEGADE'S PRIDE focuses on the Cahill family, led by Sheriff Flint Cahill. Their father would rather be in the mountains than run the family ranch or raise his children, but the kids are now well-adjusted adults. Lillie and her twin brother, Darby, run a successful bar. Lille has tried to date since Trask left, but nobody can replace the only man she loved. Everyone thinks that when Trask ran off it was an admission of guilt. He has returned to town but is lying low, afraid he'd be arrested and then be unable to investigate the murder and clear his name.

At first, Lillie tells herself that Trask can't be trusted, but soon she's jumping in and doing some investigating of her own. This leads her to believe Trask is telling the truth. But, who did kill the businessman and is the murderer still in town? Along the way, it's clear someone doesn't want them to find out the truth, and Lillie's and Trask's lives are put in danger. RENEGADE'S PRIDE is a thrilling adventure readers won't want to miss.

Lillie's reticence in not wanting to just take Trask back at first sets the tension between them in RENEGADE'S PRIDE. Yet, there is this sizzling attraction that won't die. She has to be careful, because if one of her brothers learns that Trask is back in town and that she's helping him, they'll find and arrest him. Trask has his own issues with someone wanting to blackmail him by threatening to turn him in. Trask and Lillie are embroiled in a dangerous mission, but through it all they learn that their love has grown stronger.

A gripping tale filled with suspense and a romantic reunion, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of RENEGADE'S PRIDE.

Patti Fischer