A Cahill Ranch Novel , Book 2
ISBN: 978-0373801985
June 2017
Contemporary Romance

Gild Edge, Montana – Present Day

Darby Cahill is working at a street fair when he spots a beautiful woman who catches his attention. Later, the same woman attempts to steal his wallet, but he manages to grab her bracelet as she flees. Darby figures she'll likely be looking for the bracelet and is not surprised when she shows up at the bar he runs with his twin sister. Darby knows Mariah Ayers is likely trouble, but he's willing to hire her so that he can get some answers, namely why she is a thief. Right from the start, he senses Mariah is running away from something—or someone, but is she as innocent as she seems?

Mariah is indeed on the run…from her husband, the man her family set her up with in an arranged marriage when she was young. She ran out on him after he brutally tried to rape her on their wedding night, and she knows if he finds her, not only will he complete the task, but kill her. Mariah doesn't want Darby to get involved in her problems, but she's soon falling for the sexy cowboy. He's honest and trustworthy, which leads her to finally confess about her past. Darby vows to protect Mariah, but will it be enough?

In OUTLAW'S HONOR, there are several storylines going on besides that of Darby and Mariah's. There is the continuing one of Maggie and Flint (Darby's sheriff brother); they love one another, but his ex seems bent on keeping them apart. Meanwhile, Gilt Edge has a burglary problem, and Flint is suspicious of a group who may be responsible. Flint's deputy, Harp, is angry that he isn't the sheriff and can't wait to prove he deserves that job. When danger calls, will Harp rise to the occasion?

It's a return to Montana and the Cahill family for readers of B.J. Daniel's latest, OUTLAW'S HONOR. Darby has never been serious about a woman, but when Mariah walks into his life, he's instantaneously hooked, even though she appears to be thief. He tells himself he's doing it to keep an eye on her and to get an explanation of her behavior. Yeah, he keeps telling himself this…

Mariah is a member of a Roma (Gypsy) band that is old-fashioned in their beliefs, which include arranged marriages. She valiantly tried to make herself undesirable to her intended, but it didn't work, and she was finally kidnapped and dragged to the altar. On their wedding night, his malevolent behavior showed its true colors and she ran. Mariah is truly scared, because she knows what will happen when he finds her. Darby intrigues her, but she can't let herself get involved with a man because it could only end unhappily…or both of them dead.

OUTLAW'S HONOR will pull in readers right from the start as they try to figure out what Mariah is up to, but as the danger draws closer, it becomes an on-the-edge of-your-seats tale. Darby is her knight in shining armor, but before it all comes to an end, things will take a dramatic twist and turn one dark and stormy night . That night, there's a lot going on, with just about every plotline coming to a satisfactory and intriguing ending. One that doesn't get finished: Flint's romance with Maggie. That appears to be the next book in the Cahill Ranch series, coming in December 2017 called COWBOY'S LEGACY.

A suspenseful and romantic tale that I highly recommend, grab a copy of OUTLAW'S HONOR.

Patti Fischer