LUCKY SHOT – B.J. Daniels
The Montana Hamiltons , Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-373-78855-2
December 2015
Romantic Suspense

Beartooth, Montana – Present Day

Hot shot reporter Max Malone is after the same story many of the other reporters are in Beartooth: get the juicy details on the return of Sen. Buckmaster Hamilton's previously assumed to be dead wife, Sarah. He manages to get a picture of a woman he thinks is Sarah, but needs someone in the Hamilton family to confirm it, so he approaches daughter Kat Hamilton to look at a picture he took—the one of Sarah. Against her will, she confirms that it is her mother, but Max isn't done with Kat. He's intrigued why a beautiful woman like Kat is hiding her body in baggy clothes and appears to hate men in general. It also turns out that Kat is distrustful of her mother's return, because there are questions to be answered, none of which Sarah appears to know the answers to. Kat and Max soon join forces to find out the truth…is her mother not who she seems?

Max has been all over the world, and very few stories are hard for him to get to the bottom of, but the Sarah Hamilton “mystery” soon turns into a real mystery. Sarah had seemingly committed suicide twenty years ago, leaving her husband and six daughters behind. A few months ago, Sarah mysteriously appeared and it has thrown many lives into turmoil, with Sarah unable to remember where she has been these past several years. Max wants to get to the bottom of where she went, but he soon digs up information that Sarah was possibly part of a terrorist group that wanted to overthrow the United States government. The group dispersed years ago—just before Sarah showed up in Montana and met Buckmaster—with a couple of the male members in prison for murder.

Kat and Max connect, though at first as adversaries, with her plan to keep an eye on him so he doesn't disrupt her family's lives. He's intrigued by her and challenges her in ways no one has done before. Max doesn't have the time to get involved with a woman with his busy globetrotting career, but Kat is keeping him rooted to Montana. They both want to find out the truth of where Sarah has been and head to Los Angeles and then to upstate New York to the prisons where the men are located to get the answers. What Max and Kat find out may just shock both of them. As their days together continue, the sexual tension rises between. Will they finally act upon the lust that swirls between them?

LUCKY SHOT is the third book in The Montana Hamiltons series about the six Hamilton sisters and their father, who is about to launch a run for the presidency. While it is best to have read the prior two books (LONE RIDER and WILD HORSES) to get the beginnings of the Sarah Hamilton mystery, one can read LUCKY SHOT first without too much confusion. After, it revolves around Max and Kat and the love they soon discover between them. In the course of this tale, a character from the start of the series meets an end, and it soon changes the course of lives for a few. While some questions are answered in LUCKY SHOT, there will still be plenty more for future stories. After all, there are three more sisters…

A suspenseful and entertaining tale from the start, LUCKY SHOT will grab readers and not want to let you go. It's well written and focuses on the relationships of the characters and the actions that change their lives. Grab this gem before it's off the bookshelf.

Patti Fischer