The Montana Hamiltons Series, Book 2
HQN Books
ISBN 13: 978-0-373-78841-5
ISBN-10: 0 -373-78841-X
August 2015
Romantic Suspense

Beartooth, Montana The Present

Bo Hamilton has discovered money missing in the foundation begun in memory of her mother by her father Senator Buckmaster Hamilton. As head of the foundation, she calls in an auditor, but before the meeting, she has decided to spend a night in the Crazy Mountains near her father's ranch. She likes camping and needs time to relax and think. When she doesn't return, rumors spread that she took the money and left. Rumor is already widespread about her mother, Sarah, who after missing for twenty-two years, has suddenly reappeared with no memory of those years. A neighbor, Russell Murdock, found Sarah and is letting her hide out from reporters in a cabin on his property. Sarah's return coincides with her former husband's election campaign for President. His determined present wife, Angelina, helps with the campaign and suspects Sarah's returning at this time.

Jace Calder asked Bo to marry him five years ago, but she refused. Yet when his sister Emily tells him about Bo's missing status, he is afraid for Emily. After a short stint in jail, Emily is finally turning herself around, in great part due to Bo's hiring her at the foundation. While he is ambivalent about Bo, he decides to track Bo in the Crazy Mountains to protect Emily's job. He soon discovers a man's tracks following Bo.

LONE RIDER is the second book in the Montana Hamiltons series. The situation between Bo and Jace is resolved and stands alone, but a continuing story line runs through both books following the mystery of what happened to Sarah. Emily's problems comprise another story line. Many characters share their viewpoints on what is going on: Bo, Jace, Emily, Sarah, Russel, Buckmaster, the local sheriff, and escaped criminal Ray Spencer. This tends to stall chapters ending in dramatic situations. While the backstory evolves along with Bo and Jace's suspenseful drama in the mountains, it complicates the story. The characters are well drawn and interesting, and the suspense non-stop, but readers might want to read the first volume, WILD HORSES, if they want to learn Sarah's mystery, as I think it will run through future volumes in the series. The third book in the series, LUCKY SHOT, comes out in December.

Robin Lee