TRINITY – Lauren Dane
De La Vega Cats with Cascadia Wolves

Samhain Publishing -
ISBN: 978-1-605-04797-3
September 2010
Paranormal Erotic Romance-Shapeshifter

Boston, Massachusetts – Present Day

Renee feels her life pretty much can't get better.  She has her own fruit and smoothie cart and a hunky jaguar shifter mate in Galen de la Vega.  Well, now that you get to know her better her life really isn't that great the day Jack bumps into her on her way home after work.  She has her smoothie cart inside her stepmother's business, and for some reason Susan, now calling herself Phoenix, has always told her she wasn't that smart and that Galen is no good for her, but thank goodness she has someone to help support her.  She's never really felt that close to her father after her mother died when she was a child.  And then there's the de la Vega family; they are the heads of the de la Vega jamboree and his mother and father are the Alpha's.  But brother Carlos and sister Beth hate her for being human and taking Galen away from other shifter women.  For the past two years she's endured many insults, and kept a strong hold on her magick.  Renee knows she has magick, but has had no training in learning about this gift from her mother.  But now Jack has entered her life, and it seems he is also her mate.  She loves Galen with all her heart and would do nothing to cheat on him or disrespect him. How can the three of them deal with this situation?

Jack Meyers, Enforcer of the National Werewolf Pack, is walking down the street in Boston when a woman bumps into him.  But he quickly realizes she is not just any woman, she is his mate.  When he asks her out and she tells him she is with someone else, he quickly tries to figure out what needs to be done.  After several meetings at her smoothie cart, he finds out she is with a jaguar shifter, and jaguars don't mate; they imprint and also mark each other with bites around their necks.  After talking to experts, Jack meets Galen, Renee's mate, and tells them there is nothing keeping them from accepting him into their relationship.  Thankfully, Jack and Galen also have the feelings of mates, and the three of them become a Trinity.

Galen de la Vega blesses life each day for bringing Renee into his life.  Even though his parents are the Alpha's of the de la Vega pack, Renee has had a hard time gaining acceptance from everyone, especially Galen's own brother and sister.  He doesn't really know all the insults she's endured, but when his mother and father finally accepted her as his mate, he figured everything was better.  It's only her trouble with her father and stepmother that mars Renee's happiness, and despite his best efforts, she won't leave her stepmother's business and bring her smoothie cart to the lobby of the building where he works as a lawyer.  Having another man in his and Renee's relationship wasn't his desire, but the attraction among the three of them can't be denied.  Fortunately, Jack is as interested in keeping Renee safe as he is, which definitely doesn't go over well with her.

Lauren Dane once again pulls out all the stops in introducing the de la Vega family.  Here, a human witch and a hot, hunky jaguar shifter mate with another shifter, this one a hot, hunky wolf…and let the games begin!  The true love among Renee, Galen and Jack will grip your senses and strain our limits wondering how their trinity will work.  Told from each person's point of view, they are all carefully drawn and given their own personalities.  Renee has lost memories as a child and knows for some reason her father and stepmother refuse to discuss her mother, and in fact, Susan talks bad about her, and whether she can keep her smoothie cart in her business soon becomes a matter of life and death.  Galen is a son of the de la Vega Alphas and knows Renee is vital to his life, but when he feels the connection with Jack he knows life as he knew it will change, hopefully for the better.  Jack is a wolf shifter, and the Enforcer.  His immediate connection to Renee creates a longing to mate with her, and he will accept no other result.  But with another mate in the mix, it will take great delicacy to integrate him into their life.

You will soon come to love each secondary character that lives on the pages of TRINITY.  There is the whole de la Vega family, especially Cesar and Imogene, the parents and Alphas.  There are also the Bringer; Gibson; and Max, the oldest son and the next Alpha when Cesar and Imogene step down.  Susan/Phoenix is the epitome of evil and makes you want to see her get her own punishment, along with Renee's father, who refuses to even discuss her mother or the gaps in her childish memories.  And then there's Kendra, who finds Renee and is her, can you believe it, her older sister, and her Aunt Rosemary, who raised Kendra after their mother left her one day.

TRINITY was the start of the de la Vega Cats series, and continued with REVELATION (July 2011), Max and Kendra's story, and BENEATH THE SKIN (April 2012), Gibson's story.  Each story is more exciting than the last, and leaves you immediately looking for the next in the series.  Family dynamics, intense love, and exciting storytelling are the highlights of these shape shifter stories, and I urge everyone who loves action and shape shifters thrown in with a little magick will come to love this series as much as I do.

Cece Johns