de La Vega Cats, Book 2
Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60928-110-6 (EBook)
ISBN:  978-1-609-28132-8 (Trade Paperback)
July 2011
Paranormal Erotic Romance

Boston, Massachusetts Present Day

Kendra has just moved to Boston to be with the sister she never met until just recently.  Kendra and her Aunt Rosemary had been searching for Renee for years until they found her, and now they know she has never learned much about her magick or how to control it.  There seems to be some problem with their father and Susan, their stepmother.  Soon they will have nothing to do with Kendra and Renee, and their father refuses to discuss how their mother died when Renee was a small child, let alone why she was driven to abandon Kendra with her aunt all those years ago.  Kendra is enjoying getting to know Renee and her husbands, Jack and Galen, and especially Max, Galen's oldest brother.  Now that is a cat who can rub up against her leg anytime.  Then one night, Renee has a dream remembering the day her mother died and when her father and Susan said they wanted to kill her, too.  It was only because her mother had put special magick charms on her palms that they couldn't suck the magick out of her body.  After that Renee's memories are spotty, and it appears over the years they were waiting to take all her magick.  After two attacks by mages who are trying to suck the magick out of Renee and Kendra, they must ask their Aunt Rosemary and friend Mary to use all their knowledge of magick to protect their lives.

Max knew immediately there was the mate thing going on with Kendra and broke off his relationship with the woman he was then dating and waited for Kendra to notice him.  Being a shifter, he knows Kendra is his mate, and with Kendra's magick, even she can tell she is attracted to him in a way she's never experienced.  But mages are after them, and after several attacks, Max's cats and Jack's weres are trying to find the sisters' parents and the people trying to drain their magick.  Of course, this means Kendra is in danger, and what better way to protect her than for her to move in with Max and be protected by him and his bodyguards?  Kendra must handle herself with Max's sister Beth and brother Carlos who both dislike humans, and this leads to Max and his parents learning what Carlos has been up to that almost breaks the Pack up.  But as we all know, the love and lust from a shifter to its mate is larger than Kendra can believe, and she is drawn to Max by the way he cares for her and protects her.

With mages trying to suck the magick out of Kendra's and Renee's bodies, Jack, Galen and Max and all their shape shifting packs are on high alert to try and find their parents and take out the people doing their dirty work.  Kendra knows Max will one day be the Alpha of the de La Vega Pack and must learn to live with his protectiveness and, of course, his hotness and shifter sex appeal and lusty appetites.

Once again Lauren Dane has brought us into her world of jaguar shape shifters and witches skilled in magick.  As usual, each person tells his or her own story, and continues the story of Kendra and Renee's childhood and why their mother was murdered.  Kendra has strong magick and is so excited to be reunited with her sister Renee.  Max is next in line to be Alpha of the de La Vega Pack; he's a lawyer and pretty much used to everyone doing what he says.  Shape shifters very quickly decide when someone is their mate, and patience in acting on the attraction is not acceptable.  Max is bossy, hot, gorgeous, and dedicated to his family and his Pack.  Kendra has strong magick, a burgeoning love for her sister, and needs to protect everyone she loves.

Secondary characters, as always, include the entire de La Vega family, including Cesar and Imogene, the Alphas, and his brother Galen, mated to Renee and Jack.  Brother Carlos finds himself in a situation he never thought through clearly, and sister Beth is about to meet her match in Kendra.  Aunt Rosemary and her friend Mary each has powerful magick and is willing to use it to protect Kendra and Renee and their loved ones.

REVELATION continues the story of the de La Vega cats series and Kendra, who just met her sister Renee in TRINITY (September 2010).  Though this is the second story in the series it is a standalone story that will grab your heart and not let you go.  Kendra will have to be her strongest against members of the Pack who want her gone, and try to protect herself and her sister from their father and stepmother.  The fight between shifters and mages is dangerous, and the loving is hot.  For those of you who love shape shifters, and even if you think you don't, the de La Vega cats will insinuate themselves into your mind and purr their way into your hearts.  Please, give them a try, what could be wrong about witches and shifters, hmmmmm?

Cece Johns