GOING UNDER - Lauren Dane
Bound By Magick , Book 3
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-26210-8
February 2013
Paranormal Romance

Seattle, Washington - Present Day

In the aftermath of the battle with the Magister, it became impossible for witches to hide their existence from the world.  Until she was thirteen, Molly Ryan didn't know about her ancestry, and while she's proud of being a witch, it was never something that defined her…until she was outed by the hate group PURITY.  She lost the best friend who was like a sister to her and the man who was her father figure, and now her partners in the public relations firm she built are kicking her out.  After watching an interview of Miriel, leader of Clan Owen, Molly realizes that the views of the clan are being ignored, and Molly contacts Miriel and offers her public relations services.  She becomes not just the spokesperson for Clan Owen, but starts to pull together leaders of the Others—vampires, werewolves, and other shifters—to form a council to battle the hate groups that are targeting Others and trying to push through legislation that would destroy them.

Only a few days after starting her new job, Molly receives her first death threat—something completely new to her, but the bright side is that the handsome Gage Garrity starts taking over bodyguard responsibility for her.  As the violence against Others escalates across the globe, Molly is finding a place for herself within Clan Owen, and with Gage.  Molly and her council are trying to bring about a peaceful resolution to the unrest sweeping across the country, and at the same time, Gage is helping Molly to explore her magick.  As their relationship progresses from friends to friends with benefits to something much more, Molly's job is becoming increasingly more difficult.

GOING UNDER paints a terrifying picture of persecution.  Others have existed quietly alongside humans for thousands of years, all too aware of what has happened to witches and Others throughout history.  Molly has a unique perspective because she was raised human in spite of being a witch.  She knows that the anti-Other hate groups aren't the majority, but they are the loudest group speaking, spreading hate and fear.  Gage is one of the Hunters, part of Clan Owen's security force, and after the losses they suffered recently, he is a bit zealous about guarding Molly.  He's constantly amazed and awed by her, even as he worries about the chances she takes.  Their feelings for each other grow the more time they spend together, but unfortunately, so does the danger.

It may be a little easier to understand everything happening in GOING UNDER if you've read the previous Bound by Magick novels.  Their private fight has gone public, and now the witches, vampires, and werewolves are doing their best to avoid a war between Others and humans.  Some of this began in the second book, CHAOS BURNING, and not everything will be resolved, but this novel is not so complicated that you can't figure it out if you are new to the series.  There is definite chemistry between Gage and Molly, but they don't rush into anything, and it's fun to watch the relationship develop.  A thrilling paranormal tale, don't miss GOING UNDER.

Jennifer Bishop