Berkley Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-425-25609-1
October 2013
Erotic Romance

Seattle, Washington - Present Day

DRAWN TOGETHER (book six of the Brown family saga) is the unexpected love story of Raven Smith and Jonah Warner. Raven and Jonah are opposites. Raven is a beautiful, guarded tattoo artist with a turbulent personal history. Jonah comes from a privileged background, and is focused on his duties as a single father of a teenage daughter and job as a lawyer. They have nothing in common except unexplainable chemistry.

While both felt the spark from their first meeting at an engagement party for a mutual friend, Jonah was the one who pursued Raven, who was fiercely independent and determined not to be tied down to one man. Raven tried to resist Jonah, but Jonah is a man who always gets what he wants. The pair embarked on their relationship when Raven gave Jonah a detailed, time-intensive tattoo. Slowly but surely, over tattoos as well as romantic dates, he proved his commitment to Raven. In return, Raven gave him something she was previously unable to give any man: fidelity.

With her heart belonging only to Jonah, Raven was able to open up and slowly reveal the closely guarded secrets of her lonely and abusive childhood. Jonah, while from a completely different background and blessed with a wealthy, supportive family, fell more in love with Raven the more he learned about her. Jonah and Raven were settling into a routine and everyday life together when Raven was unexpectedly confronted by someone in her pastůsomeone who made her question everything.

In the past, Raven was accustomed to dealing with all of the unpleasantness of her life and dysfunctional family alone. However, this time, Jonah was by her side every step of the way. His love guided her as she unraveled the truth about her troubled family, and helped her make peace with the events of the past. Truly having closure about the past helps Raven find something she never expected: a happy ending with a man who is committed to her and worthy of her love.

The sizzle between Jonah and Raven keeps the pages turning, and from page one, it's impossible not to root for Raven. While she is a flawed and complicated character, New York Times bestselling author Lauren Dane crafts a story that makes you believe that Jonah really is her soul mate and the person she unquestionably needs in her life. DRAWN TOGETHER is a steamy novel that you won't regret reading!

Jennifer Harrington