TAKING THE HEAT - Victoria Dahl
Jackson: Girls' Night Out - Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-373-77970-3
August 2015
Contemporary Romance

Jackson Hole, Wyoming - Present Day

Successful advice columnist Veronica Chandler is about to face her first live audience, and she's absolutely terrified.  Writing the column for the paper allows her time to research the questions and go over her answers several times before they are printed.  A live audience in a local bar means no time to research and every opportunity for her home-town crowd to realize that's she's a fraud.  Veronica is hoping for a last minute pep talk from her best friend, but instead, it's the sexy new librarian, Gabe Mackenzie, whose eye she catches.  The last thing in the world she needs is a man in her life, but surprisingly, Gabe calms her nerves.

Gabe has one year to live his life as he chooses before heading back to New York to take over the family business. His first introduction to Veronica has him convinced she's the stereotypical city-girl that's never been his type, but he soon realizes Veronica is not what she seems.  She's funny and quirky, and someone he wants to get to know a lot better.

TAKING THE HEAT, the third book in the Jackson: Girls' Night Out series, brings together Veronica and Gabe.  Veronica moved to New York City after college, but has now come back to Jackson Hole, disillusioned and feeling as if she's a failure.  Even her job came thanks to her father, and while she enjoys writing the column, her boss's idea to do a live show has her so intimidated she's about to spill all of her deepest, darkest secrets.  She's tired of feeling like a fraud, but it's not until she meets Gabe that she begins to understand what is real in her life and what is not.  Gabe isn't happy to be moving back to New York; Wyoming, with it mountains for climbing and numerous hiking trails,is the perfect environment as far as he's concerned, but family comes first.  The chemistry between Veronica and Gabe sizzles, but there are as many funny moments as there are steamy ones.

While part of a series, TAKING THE HEAT stands on its own as it focuses completely on the relationship between Veronica and Gabe.  A charming, sexy tale, don't miss TAKING THE HEAT.

Jennifer Bishop