Catcher Creek , Book 2
ISBN-13: 978-1-4201-3008-9
May 2014
Contemporary Romance

Catcher Creek, New Mexico Present Day

Sometimes life can get messy, and Jenna Sorentino is just crossing her fingers that her past doesn't catch up with her before her plan to leave Catcher Creek comes to fruition.  She's been studying for years for her degree in computer engineering and, finally, she's ready to graduate.  She even has a job lined up!  All that's keeping her in this town is that she promised her sister, Amy, a dream wedding, and Jenna has planned that event right down to the last detail, but now the florist has canceled on the evening before!

Attorney, Matt Roenick is captivated by Amy's younger sister, Jenna.  He even loves her little boy, Tommy.  Matt would like to romance Jenna, and he could take her back to Santa Fe to live with him, if he could forget his past hurts.  Matt refuses to commit himself to marriage or to love; he can't risk the pain fatherhood will bring him, not after losing two women he thought were in love with him.  Still, that's not to say that he and Jenna can't have a little fun first, and once this wedding is over, he'll persuade this pretty lady to join him for some no strings romance.  But first, Jenna needs flowers, and he knows a florist...

Jenna Sorentino used to be a wild party girl, but that was before she learned she was pregnant with Tommy.  Now, she's a single mom, struggling to make a rock-solid foundation for her son and a good living for herself.  But when she discovers that Tommy's father is back in town, she panics.  Jenna never told the man she was pregnant, he left town, and Jenna never saw fit to mention that the night they spent together produced a child.  Now she has to run.  As soon as Amy's wedding is over, she'll be gone.  She dare not spend one more minute than necessary in this town, or someone might recognize her son's likeness to his real father.

HOW TO ROPE A REAL MAN is the third book in the Catcher Creek series, following THE TROUBLE WITH COWBOYS (October 2012) and COWBOY JUSTICE (October 2013).  HOW TO ROPE A REAL MAN stands alone, and it is a fun romance for the beach on a summer day.  Jenna and Matt both have secrets that are too painful to share with just anyone, but when they finally decide to trust each other, these secrets begin to tumble out and muddy the waters in their relationship.  Jenna's son, Tommy, is an adorable boy, and all the other secondary characters round out the story.

HOW TO ROPE A REAL MAN winds up the Catcher Creek Trilogy about the Sorentino sisters, Amy, Jenna, and Rachel.  Jenna is a level-headed young woman who falls in love with the man of her dreams, but can their troubles be solved in time to save their new love?

Diana Risso