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FIRE'S ICE – Brynna Curry
Elemental Magic , Book 5
Lyrical Press - www.lyricalpress.com
ISBN: 9781616503956
June 2012
Erotic Fantasy Romance Novella

Scottish Highlands

Two wizards, Ari and Devin, are trapped in the pain of their past and must combine forces to cure an ailing child who has begun to exhibit the signs of magic, which could prove fatal to one so young. Ari was banished after she stole her twin sister's magic and cannot go beyond the circle where she resides in Ireland. She's attracted to Devin from afar, but knows they have no future together, especially since he despises her for what she did. Yet it is Ari that Devin comes searching for when his best friend's daughter becomes ill with the fiery fever that signals the child's magical abilities are coming too soon. As she has proven before, Ari can drain the fiery magic into her own body. While they await the results, Devin brings Ari to his Scottish castle and he soon cannot resist making love to her. But is there any future for them? Once the child is well, Ari needs to return to her banished life.

In a magical world of lives destroyed, and along with plenty of regrets, Ari and Devin's past is entangled as FIRE'S ICE opens. He was trapped by his evil cousin's spell and will be the first to admit that his past isn't perfect. But now he's settled into a relatively calm life in Scotland, which is forever changed by the entrance of Ari back into his life. Ari's power is dangerous, and at times it appears it might kill her as it does others, yet deep down she has a soft heart, especially for Devin. She has been imprisoned for the past thousand years in an ancient ring from which she cannot cross—until Devin comes for her to help the sick child. Her only chance at freedom is to win and accept the love of a man who undoubtedly hates her.

A beautifully told romance of magical wizards who live almost normal lives except for their abilities, FIRE'S ICE is filled with tumultuous emotions and fiery passion. The love builds to a nice crescendo between Devin and Ari as they begin to trust each other. Love is like that…where you trust your heart is where you'll find your one true love. A beguiling tale, readers who love magical love will surely enjoy FIRE”S ICE.

Holly Tibbs