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Harlequin Presents #4171
ISBN: 978-1-335-59320-7
February 2024
Contemporary Series Romance

Kingdom of Fiammetta – Present Day

Helene Archibald had been raised to be the bride of royalty. Her father sent her to an exclusive school for girls that taught women how to serve their blue-blooded husbands. He made sure that no man dated or touched his only child. The reward was Helene’s arranged marriage to the king of Fiammetta, a tiny kingdom nestled along the Italian border. Helene has spent little actual time alone with her fiancé, Gianluca San Felice, but that doesn’t matter. She is mesmerized by him and is looking forward to their wedding night, where she will give him her virginity. But things don’t work out as planned. After making love to her, Gianluca accuses her of not being a virgin because there is no blood. 

Gianluca doesn’t believe her when Helene says she had indeed been a virgin and maybe all the horse riding she has done has something to do with it. They argue and spend the day apart. He then informs her that he will find out the truth about her past. Meanwhile, her only use to him now is getting pregnant and bearing his heir. Helene is distraught. She has begun to fall in love with Gianluca and his rejection of her is disheartening. But she bides her time, hoping that he will see the truth, that she is not lying to him. 

I must admit that reading WEDDING NIGHT IN THE KING’S BED was a bit tough for me because of Gianluca’s cold, angry personality. But as we get further into the story, we learn about his being raised by his coldhearted bastard of a father, a man who banished Gianluca’s mother from the public eye because he couldn’t bear to face the truth of her accusations. Now Gianluca believes that Helene is becoming like his mother. It is decreed in his kingdom’s laws that the ruler’s bride must be a virgin. Did Helene lie is a question that he can’t let go of? But even as they spend time together, the more they are drawn to each other. She defies him and he grows increasingly colder. She has done everything right, but he won’t melt. Can Helene tame the beast?

As the story winds to a conclusion in WEDDING NIGHT IN THE KING’S BED, it’s clear that there is a mutual attraction between Helene and Gianluca. Can they finally find love together? Find out the answer by picking up this riveting tale. It’s a bit of a depressing read, but readers will be rewarded by the ending. 

Patti Fischer

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