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BLAME IT ON TEXAS – Christie Craig
Hotter in Texas Series, Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-446-58283-4
September 2012
Contemporary Romance

Dallas, Texas – Present Day

Zoe Adams always thought it odd that she didn't take after her parents, but after watching a television show about an unsolved kidnapping, she begins to suspect she is the abducted heiress mentioned in the show. Arriving in Dallas from her Alabama home, Zoe starts to snoop around billionaire Thomas Bradford's estate but is caught by his bodyguards and driven away. Desperate, Zoe enters the Only in Texas private investigators agency to poke around because she learned they were working for Mr. Bradford. She is caught by one of the owners, Tyler Lopez, and the fact that he is wearing a clown mask (he just came from a children's party) nearly gives her a heart attack. It takes some convincing from Ty that he isn't planning to harm her. He is skeptical at first about her story about her true identity, but soon agrees to help her. Can Zoe prove that she is really Caroline Bradford?

Ty is immediately intrigued by Zoe, yet he wonders if she isn't losing her mind thinking she is the kidnapped heiress, because apparently a body was found. Was it really the missing heiress? When someone starts making threats against Zoe—and acting upon them—Ty roars into protective mode and whisks her off to the Only in Texas office for safeguarding. While Zoe protests being under Ty's 24/7 guard, neither can deny the sizzling attraction that burns between them the longer they're around each other. But who is after her and why? And what about her late (possibly adopted) parents; what role did they play in the kidnapping?

Zoe always wondered why she didn't look or act like her parents, plus add in some deeply hidden fears, such as closets, has left her wondering if she isn't adopted. But the night she saw the documentary about the kidnapping of heiress Caroline Bradford, she got this feeling that she is Caroline. She realizes she is possibly opening up old wounds for the Bradford family and some people might think she's crazy. All she wants is a DNA test to prove her claim. Troy is instantly smitten with Zoe…okay, he wants her in his bed, but as outlandish as her story sounds, he senses there may be some truth in it. First he has to gain her trust and promises to help her. Zoe still keeps a part of her emotions locked inside. Ty could easily break her heart, and after all she's gone through, she wants to walk away with it intact.

The Bradford family isn't exactly going to provide DNA voluntarily, so Ty enlists the help of a fellow PI, Rick Clark, who has the inside track at the Bradford estate. Rick is attracted to single mother Ellen Wise, but she rebuffs him. But when he starts the wheels in motion to obtain custody of his son, it's Ellen he turns to. Their romance is rocky and faces an uphill battle, but Rick is determined to win both his son and Ellen.

Readers of BLAME IT ON TEXAS get glimpses of Dallas and Nikki from ONLY IN TEXAS, and of course, the other partner in the firm, Austin. Who will be the lady who wins Austin's heart? We'll find out in the upcoming TEXAS HOLD ‘EM.

There's plenty of lively banter between Ty and Zoe in BLAME IT ON TEXAS to go along with the sizzling sensuality. Their chemistry is enough to rival the Texas heat. Readers will sympathize with Zoe's pain in realizing she may not be who she thought she was, because her parents were wonderful people. But were they criminals? Ty has his own problems, as he is trying to get his twin sister away from her abusive husband. She won't listen to him, and he's afraid she could end up hurt—or worse—before she sees the light of day.

Christie Craig's stories are like an addictive drink. They're refreshing and just what you need to quench your thirst for some steamy and funny romance. Grab BLAME IT ON TEXAS for an irresistible tale that says ahhh…

Patti Fischer