TIME FLIES - Claire Cook
Touchstone Books
ISBN: 1-4516-7367-1
June 2013
Women's Fiction

Georgia and Massachusetts, The Present

Almost divorced wife Melanie is cutting up her marriage bed with a chainsaw when her best friend BJ calls and informs her that she must come to their undisclosed number class reunion. BJ is on the committee for "Marshbury High School's Best Class/Best Reunion Evah." Melanie doesn't want to go back to her hometown, doesn't want her life measured against the success of her classmates, all of whom will remember her husband Kurt.

Many years ago Kurt's new job took Melanie and their boys, Trevor and Troy, from their hometown in Massachusetts to Atlanta. There Melanie took up metal sculpturing and now enjoys some success. Her marriage ended when Kurt met Crissy, his current girl friend and a much younger woman. Melanie feels disconnected from her marriage, her boys who are establishing their own lives, her family left in Massachusetts, and her former schoolmates. However, BJ persists, and when Finn Miller, who had a crush on Melanie in math class, starts texting her about looking forward to seeing her at the event, Melanie begins to change her mind.

Melanie decides to go and begins to relate her trip with BJ to the movie Thelma and Louise . It certainly takes on aspects of disaster, but she soon discovers Kurt has issues with Crissy, Finn is still interested in her, and she participates in a light flirtation with the buyer of her sculpture Endless Loop , Ted Brody, who owns a restaurant in Atlanta.

TIME FLIES is full of engaging characters and humorous situations, and is full of famous 70s and 80s song title references. The road trip analogy is extended, not only because Melanie has developed fear of driving since her and Kurt's separation, but also because, as the title suggests, it is about life's journey: self-discovery, family, friendships, and finding meaning. This lighthearted story will have readers plumbing its hidden depths and enjoying the ride.

Robin Lee