A Lords of Anarchy Novel
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-06107-2
October 2015
Historical Romance

England Nineteenth Century

Lady Hermione Upperton has done something no other woman has accomplished she has been accepted into the private driving club known as the Lords of Anarchy. Her newly purchased matched greys and her reputation as a skilled driver have set her apart. But just as she is ready to participate in the events, her horses are seized by a man who claims that Hermione's father lost the horses to him in a card game. Despite the fact that it was Hermione who purchased the pair, the law states that her father owns everything she has. Distraught, Hermione listens to her friends, Ophelia and Leonora, and gets caught up in a nasty situation.

The Earl of Mainwaring, Jasper Fawley, has his reasons for not joining the Lords of Anarchy, and he's somewhat concerned about Hermione's participation. He works on the sly for the Home Office, and he's been directed to watch the actions of the very man who seized Hermione's horses. In that aspect, he is stunned when he finds Hermione and her two friends in the man's house, along with his dead body. Something is definitely going on behind the scenes of the driving club, and Jasper will do what he can to find out what, but is equally determined to protect Hermione.

Despite Hermione's hesitation to listen to Jasper, she discovers that he seems to be looking out for her own good. Her father, who has never seemed to care much about her, is unconcerned about losing her horses, and continues his gambling ways. But when Jasper plays with Upperton, the man loses something even more important.

GOOD EARL GONE BAD continues the entertaining Lords of Anarchy series. Independent Hermione must face reality when her father's gambling obsession changes her future. And Jasper, ever the hero, makes some decisions he thought he'd never make. Great secondary characters, excellent writing, and an interesting premise make GOOD EARL GONE BAD a must read this autumn!

Jani Brooks