A Lords of Anarchy Novel
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-1-250-06108-9
April 2016
Historical Romance

England Nineteenth Century

Miss Ophelia Dauntry and her close friend, Maggie Grayson, write for the Ladies Gazette . Of course this is something frowned upon by the ton , but both women are determined to continue their careers. One day Maggie is dragged out of a store by two big men who claim that her husband has signed her in to an insane asylum. Ophelia is injured in the scuffle as she tries to help her friend, and she manages to make it to the Duke of Trent's house before fainting. Because the doctor who runs the clinic where Maggie was supposedly taken is connected to the Lords of Anarchy, Maggie wants answers from the duke.

Piers Hamilton, the Duke of Trent, is the new leader of the driving club called the Lords of Anarchy. He has taken over the group after its unsavory reputation caused much distress to London Society with its antics. Trent wants to tone down the negative side of the club, and he is stunned when Miss Dauntry arrives on his doorstep. He is surprised to learn of what happened to her friend, and equally angry at what was done to Ophelia in the struggle. But when they approach the doctor who was to have admitted Maggie, they discover that it was not her husband who was at the office signing the papers. And no one seems to know where Maggie is.

Working as a team, Ophelia and Trent set out to track down what happened to Maggie. With her husband's disappearance, the mystery grows deeper. And of course, there is Ophelia's mother who is determined that she marry the son of one of her good friends, despite the duke's rank. Ophelia tries to reassure her that Trent is just a good friend.

GOOD DUKES WEAR BLACK is another excellent tale in the Lords of Anarchy series. Ophelia is a determined young woman who puts romance and marriage on the back burner as she pursues her writing career. But the tempting presence of the Duke of Trent as they hunt for Maggie makes her determination difficult. Trent is a true gentleman, but even he can't resist the constant presence of a lovely, lively lady.

Jani Brooks