A Lords of Anarchy Novel, Book 1
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-1-250-06106-5
April 2015
Historical Romance

England Eighteenth Century

Jonathan Craven dies during a carriage race with members of a driving club known for being dangerous. His death is ruled an accident, but his sister and his friends are much too aware of the notorious club members to believe that.

Leonora Craven is determined to infiltrate the Lords of Anarchy driving club to discover how and why her brother was killed. The only way she can accomplish this feat is to team up with the man who broke her heart several years ago, Lord Frederick Lisle, who was a close friend of Jonny's. Leonora is well aware that her heart has not yet healed, but her love for her brother is strong, and she will suffer through a liaison with Freddy.

Freddy and his friends had already decided to investigate Jonny's death when Leonora appears at the doorway of their club. Seeing the beautiful Leonora is difficult for Freddy, but her reckless plan to deal with the Lords of Anarchy forces him to make a tough decision. He will help her, but only on the pretense that they are betrothed, so that when seen together, no one will question their motives.

There are any number of dangerous people to be dealt with, as well as some who may not be who they pretend to be. And then there is the difficulty of separating business from pleasure between Leonora and Freddy. Protecting Leonora is Freddy's main concern, but getting the truth about Jonny's death is paramount.

A GOOD RAKE IS HARD TO FIND is the first in the Manda Collins's series, Lords of Anarchy . Great characters and a heart pounding plot made this a super read.

Jani Brooks