SOUL SURRENDER - Katana Collins
A Soul Stripper Romance , Book 3
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN: 978-0-7582-9015-1
May 2014
Erotic Paranormal Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada - Present Day

There have been a few changes in Monica Lamb's life this past year, and just as she's getting the hang of it, her life is turned upside down again.  She's been managing the coffee shop she works at since Drew, the owner, as well as being the man she's in love with, escaped from Hell.  Her feelings for Drew could never go anywhere, because as a succubus, Monica gains her power as well as prolonging her own life by having sex.  The purer the soul the better, and Drew's good, Heaven-bound soul would help Monica more than most, but as a Fallen Angel, Monica has never been comfortable shortening the life span of a Heaven-bound soul. Since Drew's disappearance, Monica has been seeing Damien, a detective who she recently learned is also an Elemental.  As such, Monica is able to have sex with Damien without draining his life, but he can't recharge her succubus powers either.

Monica is also dealing with the fact that someone has taken out a hit on her.  Sure she's had her enemies, but knowing that professional assassins are gunning for her is something new.  When the sorcerer who was instrumental in Monica's Fall from Grace shows up in Las Vegas, suddenly her life is starting to get out of control again.  When Lucien, her ArchDemon and friend, disappears, it's up to Monica and her merry band to find Lucien while evading the people trying to kill her.

The third book in the Soul Stripper series, SOUL SURRENDER reveals a little more of Monica's past to readers, while also turning a bit of her world on its ear.  A Fallen Angel turned succubus, Monica has struggled to survive without turning her back on her past, so she usually finds the worst men society has to offer as her victims to ease the guilt she feels over stealing days from their lives.  She has loved Drew for years, but is unwilling to do anything that will harm him, so their relationship has been complicated to say the least.  Her relationship with Damien would almost be perfect…except for her needing to sleep with other men in order to recharge, as well as her lingering feelings for Drew.  The other men in her life right now who are making things difficult are Lucien, the ArchDemon she works for, who has been a friend to her since her change into a succubus; Julien, the ArchAngel who was her mentor when she was an Angel, and has remained a friend since her Fall, despite the fact that they are now working on opposite sides; and finally, Lord Buckley, the sorcerer who is basically the reason that Monica Fell.

Between the large cast of characters and the reality that Katana Collins has created, it's probably best to read the stories in order, so I wouldn't recommend starting with this book. Too much has happened in the previous books that carry over into this one, and if you are new to the series, you may miss out.  That being said, it is an interesting series, populated with characters with hidden depths.  Monica will learn some new things about not just herself, but Lucien, Julien, and Drew as well.  A captivating novel, SOUL SURRENDER brings the Soul Stripper series to a surprising and thrilling conclusion.

Jennifer Bishop