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Harlequin Presents #4169
ISBN: 978-1-335-59138-4
February 2024
Contemporary Series Romance

Italy – Present Day

Molly Brooks loves her job working for wealthy businessman Gio Casella, but she will soon be taking a long leave of absence. Molly is pregnant through a surrogacy and has signed a Non-disclosure Agreement with the parents. She can’t even tell her employer, which is why she plans to take a leave of absence before she begins to show. But a domino of events happens when her supervisor is transferred to the United States. Gio promotes Molly to the vacant position as his trusted PA, but she doesn’t want it. While she works on convincing him to look elsewhere, she is blindsided when he introduces her to his ailing grandfather as his fiancée. 

Gio runs the company founded by his grandfather and is in the midst of securing a big contract. He has no current girlfriend, but his grandfather is hopeful of a future generation of Casellas. But the intrusion of Gio’s parents into his grandfather’s hospital room has him seeing red. His parents are clearly conspiring to get their hands on the company even though they would run it into the ground. To keep his grandfather from being upset about the company’s future, Gio announces to him that he is engaged…to Molly.

Readers wonder how Gio will react when he finds out that Molly is pregnant in THE BABY HIS SECRETARY CARRIES. Even when he does find out, she can’t tell him the circumstances. Yes, this particular surrogacy is a bit strange but when people have money, they can pretty much hide anything—even the news that someone else is carrying their baby. Readers learn early on that there is a connection between Molly and the baby's parents. While in Gio’s presence, she learns that the parents have been involved in a serious accident—and she faints. Of course, havoc breaks out. He learns about her pregnancy, and he is not happy. But by then he had dug himself a hole with the fake engagement. Yet, Gio keeps it going and soon discovers that he’s attracted to Molly, and he wants to make love to her. Will she agree to an affair? What about her plans to take a leave of absence? How will the identity of the couple for whom Molly is carrying the baby affect their relationship? A tangled web is being built in this intriguing tale. 

Boss/secretary romances are an interesting trope in the times of #MeToo. But Gio and Molly go into any romance with the parameters set in place. However, a crisis or two is on the horizon. How will it all be solved? Don’t miss the sizzling answers in THE BABY HIS SECRETARY CARRIES.

Patti Fischer

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