, Book 1
Kensington Books
ISBN: 978-1-61773-780-0
July 2015
Contemporary Romance

Hawaii and Ohio – Present Day

Eliza Jackson was grateful for her friend's sudden invitation to stay in Hawaii…as her bridesmaid, no less! This is perfect, Eliza can use this as a chance to be someone else for a little while, reinvent herself even. Life in Ohio has been considerably less than pleasant since her ex-boyfriend spread lies about her around town. But no one except for her best friend will know her in Hawaii; now is the time to debut the new Liza…bombshell extraordinaire. But after an awkward encounter in the airport while getting ready to board her flight, maybe the bombshell act can wait until the plane lands.

When Chandler was asked to be a best man at his cousin's wedding, he jumped at the chance to spend some time on the beach. And when he runs into a cutie at the airport, he figures the flirting can start right away. And what do you know, she's on her way to Hawaii as well, which should make this trip that much more exciting. But this week-long fling is turning into something more than Chandler or Eliza could have ever hoped for. But can this last past the plane ride home?

SEX BECOMES HER is the tale of two people who have been told their passions are abnormal, and have since felt ostracized or alone. As nervous as Eliza feels about opening up to Chandler, he supports her no matter what. A good fit from the beginning, it was a joy to see these two characters come together as the story progressed. And author Regina Cole doesn't skimp on the side players as well, fleshing out their friends' stories so much that readers will fall in love with them too.

This is a fast-paced, one-sitting kind of read. A few questions were left unanswered, and it remains unclear whether that will be picked up in the next book, which has no title or release date yet, or not. While SEX BECOMES HER is not deep or thought provoking, it is a very entertaining story. This story falls more along the lines of contemporary romance rather than erotica, but prepare yourself for quite a few steamy scenes.

Amanda Toth