WAITING GAME – Sheri Cobb South
Another John Pickett Novella
ISBN (paperback): 978-1523882854
ASIN (e-book): B01C84U082
March 2016
Historical Mystery

Christmas Time in London in December 1808

We last left former street urchin John Picket grown and a successful member of the Bow Street Runners, thanks to the generosity of Magistrate Patrick Colquhoun. John is a clever and honorable young man with solved cases to his credit. He first met Julia, Lady Fieldhurst when she was accused of murdering her husband. (IN MILADY'S CHAMBER) John cleared her of that and later solved another murder where she was present. (A DEAD BORE) Were the two on a more equal social status, something might have developed between them, but that wasn't to be. In fact, Julia's interfering in-laws sent her to Scotland. Not wanting to be known up there, she grasped the first name she could think of to call herself…Mrs. John Pickett. (FAMILY PLOT) Coincidentally, John was also sent to Scotland and they met at the same lodging. Though he took a separate room, he didn't deny their relationship. It wasn't until much later, (DINNER MOST DEADLY) back in England, that he learned that they were married under the odd laws of Scotland. He now goes about his duties avoiding his dear lady while they await an annulment.

John and Julia are a likable pair that fate seems to toy with. But I trust Ms. South to bring things to a happy conclusion. Perhaps in her next full length John Pickett mystery, TOO HOT TO HANDEL, to be released in late June? Or maybe we'll be lucky and the series can continue.

Sheri Cobb South is a very talented author who writes Regency romances as well as these delightful mysteries. In fact, one of the characters in her first Regency (THE WEAVER TAKES A WIFE) makes a youthful cameo appearance in this novella. If you haven't read her before in either genre, you are missing a real treat.

Jane Bowers