Capital Confessions
, Book 3
InterMix Books - Digital
ISBN 13:  978-0-698-18365-9
September 2015
Romantic Suspense

Washington, DC Present Day

Kate Reynolds is a recent college graduate with a job as a junior political analyst for the CIA.  Her life is as good as it can be, since she's estranged from her parents and has a shaky relationship with her sister Blair.  Four years ago the love of her life, Matt Ryan, was killed in Afghanistan, a death that she sincerely believes her father, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Matt's own father, owner of Intech, one of the world's largest private security firms, had a part in.  Recently she has been receiving packets of information about Intech's operations in Afghanistan.  In her quest to aggravate her father and get at the truth, she gave Capital Confessions , a Washington DC blog, information about her family.  Unfortunately, some of the information was about her sister Blair, and almost split up Blair's relationship with her boyfriend.  Kate is still friends with her sister Jackie, a newly found illegitimate daughter of her father's.  Needless to say, Senator Reynolds has had a lot of scandal published in Capital Confessions the past year and isn't happy about it.  Alone in her apartment on her birthday, the 4th of July, she hears someone break into her apartment and then what sounds like two people fighting.  Imagine her surprise when one of the people comes into her bedroom and she discovers it's Matt.

Matt's unit was ambushed in Afghanistan, and he played dead until it was safe, and has spent the past four years taking whatever dirty job he could take while hiding and travelling all over the world.  He was just watching over Kate's apartment when he saw someone break in and had to reveal himself.  What brought him back to Washington DC was the death of his father, a death Kate says her father was behind, she doesn't know why. Matt's father was a friend of her father and one of his largest campaign contributors.  When Kate's apartment is bombed, they have to go on the run and figure out how to protect themselves and get proof that Kate's father has committed treason by selling arms to the Afghani's that were behind the attack on Matt.

Chanel Cleeton is continuing the story of the Reynolds family, and Kate in particular.  Still living in her memories of Matt, she is astounded when he is found alive, and even more that her father is determined neither Matt nor she will live to tell their story.  Matt knew he shouldn't go back to Washington, but when he saw someone break in her apartment he couldn't control himself.  He wants to leave her to be safe, but Kate is determined to use every trick in the book to keep him nearby, especially when accidents start happening to her.

Secondary characters bring this story to life.  Jackie and Blair are Kate's sisters, and despite what Kate did to Blair, they eventually return to their previous close relationship.  Jackie might not have been raised with them, but she is the sister of their heart.  Senator Reynolds is a political figure who lives his entire life protecting his interests and trying to get Kate to wise up and go along with him.

FALLING FOR DANGER highlights the tangled relationship between Matt and Kate when he suddenly reappears.  It's obvious that their lives are in danger if they stay in Washington; can they live with what must be done?  Other stories in the Capital Confessions series are Jackie's story, FLIRTING WITH SCANDAL (May 2015) and Blair's story PLAYING WITH TROUBLE (July 2015).  Matt and Kate have to make hard decisions, but the way they do it will leave a smile on your face.

Carolyn Crisher