Dangerous Rogues Series
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-00802-2
November 2012
Historical Romance

England – 1846

Well known rake Leo Harrow, Earl of Barrington, may not be as roguish any longer as the ton rumor mill believes. But he doesn't try to dissuade anyone either. When he suddenly discovers his long lost love at a social event, though, he truly wants her to believe that he has mended his disreputable ways, and wants her back.

Genevieve Camden has, at a young age, been relegated to the “chaperone” set, due as much to Barrington as to the fact that she is a penniless woman relying on family to supply room and board. As her cousin Charlotte's escort, it is up to Genny to keep her charge from the likes of men like Barrington until she is wed to her betrothed. And then Genny runs into the one man who has left her unable to love another, Barrington. He and his friends seem to have zeroed in on Charlotte, and Genny will have to control her own feelings to keep Charlotte's future intact.

What Genny isn't aware of is that Barrington and his fellow “rogues” are only trying to prevent Charlotte from falling into the hands of the heir of a man who routinely beat and berated his wife. Now that Mr. Warren has inherited the earldom from his great-uncle, the Earl of Fallon, he has made sure that the earl's widow gets nothing. Sporting a facial bruise from her last encounter with her husband before his death, the Countess of Fallon wants her friends to know how evil the family is and that they should make sure Warren's new fiancée does not end up as she has.

Genny and Barrington spar every time they meet, but it becomes less upsetting, and more loving as old feelings come to the surface. Genny isn't aware of the issues with Mr. Warren, all she knows is that her future is under the control of her family, and if she loses that, she will be on the streets with nothing. Barrington does not want to lose Genny again, but can he convince her that he's not who he once was? And what's to become of Charlotte?

Book one of The Dangerous Rogues series, WICKED NIGHTS WITH A PROPER LADY is riddled with angst, but also filled with romance. Genny and Barrington have much to overcome, but will they be able to forget the past?

Well written, with nicely rounded characters, WICKED NIGHTS WITH A PROPER LADY is a delightful read!

Jani Brooks