Dangerous Rogues Series
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-1-250-00803-9
May 2013
Historical Romance

England – 1846

Lady Charlotte Lindsey is desperate to get out of what she knows will be a horrible marriage with the loathsome Mr. Warren. It's all politics to her father, but it's obvious to Charlotte that Mr. Warren is going to use this connection for his benefit, hiding Charlotte away in the country. He's been rude and disrespectful to her on their chaperoned outings, and Charlotte has been rude and disrespectful right back. But that doesn't seem to make any difference to Warren. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Looking through the Mayfair Chronicles , Charlotte and her friend Ariel find the perfect man to ruin the betrothal to Warren—the Marquess of Castleigh, whose reputation precedes him.

The marquess, Tristan, is completely unaware of Charlotte until he and his friends discover that Warren and she are engaged. Tristan has a huge bone to pick with Warren, as do others in his crowd. They are all of a mind to ruin the engagement, and embark on a plan to do so. So Tristan is quite taken aback when young Charlotte approaches him at a soiree! She seems determined to be seen with him, and he happily goes along with the charade. After all, Lady Charlotte is very easy on the eyes, and she seems to be quite outgoing and witty.

Charlotte is unaware how she is playing into the plans that Tristan and his friends have to ruin Warren, but even if she knew, she'd agree to it. Adding to the excitement is that the marquess is rather handsome. Her continual arguments with Warren are building up, and Charlotte knows that she won't have the backing of her father no matter how bad things get between her and her betrothed. While she wants out of the engagement, Charlotte doesn't want to ruin her father's reputation either, so there is a fine line she must walk with the marquess.

MIDNIGHT TEMPTATIONS WITH A FORBIDDEN LORD is a unique premise with a delightful heroine and an honorable hero. Careful not to damage the young lady's future, still Tristan is not going to let her life be ruined by someone who has ruined others' lives.

Well written with terrific characters, don't miss this Dangerous Rogues novel.

Jani Brooks