Bluebonnet , Book 4
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-26237-5
June 2014
Contemporary Romance

Bluebonnet, Texas - Present Day

A birthmark that covered half of her face combined with scoliosis has left Elise Markham painfully shy. Even though she's had surgery to correct her back as well as another that removed the mark from her face, all Elise sees when she looks in the mirror are the imperfections that once labeled her a freak.  Her visit to her brother, Grant, in Bluebonnet has earned her some new friends, but when Grant's fiancée, Brenna, decides to set Elise up with a man, that shyness comes roaring back.  Especially when Brenna calls Rome Lozada to the table.  Something about the muscular, tattooed, and pierced man gets Elise's juices flowing, but unfortunately she gets too tongue-tied to even talk to the man.

The sweet innocent type has never done much for Rome before, but Elise turns him on like no other.  Someone with his past has no business lusting after a good girl like Elise, but after a revealing night stranded together during a rainstorm, Rome understands that she's not a snob, just shy.  Even more attracted to her, Rome still has no plans to ask her out but then she asks him.  And Rome isn't about to turn down the most enticing invitation he's ever received.

After being sheltered most of her life, Elise is ready to break free, and Rome is just the man to help in THE VIRGIN'S GUIDE TO MISBEHAVING.  In some ways, the two couldn't be more different, but below the surface they have a lot in common.  In addition to being shy, Elise has almost no self-confidence and can't believe that any man would be interested in her especially Rome.  Though she comes right out and asks him to help her lose her virginity, Rome has other ideas, and plans to take things slow with Elise. 

In the fourth book in the Bluebonnet series, readers get a chance to see how things are going with the couples featured in the first three books, while enjoying the addition of a few new characters.  It's not necessary to have read the books in order, but it's always more fun to catch up with characters if you've read their stories already. 

The perfect blend of fun, sweet romance, and steamy sex, THE VIRGIN'S GUIDE TO MISBEHAVING should not be missed.

Jennifer Bishop