The Billionaire Boys Club
Series , Book 5
February 2015
Contemporary Romance

Private Island - Present Day

When I met Marjorie Ivarsson she was dragging me from a riptide in the barely chin high water by the beach.  By the time she was giving me breaths of air, I couldn't believe how close I had been to death.  With lifeguards and people milling around, my angel left, but I was determined to find her.  If being a billionaire with three assistants doesn't make her easy to find, what use is money?  My best assistant, Smith, finds the woman and guess what?  She is at the wedding of the man I had traveled to this island to find, Logan Hawkings.  I own The Man Channel on cable television, and my most popular show is  tits , where we encourage women to show everyone their breasts.  My programs are raking in the money, but I would like to do a more legitimate deal with Logan, but he refuses to talk to me.  Could it be my disreputable reputation?  But when I start dating the tall and sweet Marjorie, so unlike all the other women I've slept with (what, you think I date?) I dare not tell her about Logan and how I've come to the island to discuss business with him, especially after  I saw him in the hotel and he flat out told me to go and leave him in peace for his wedding, and, in fact he offered to pay off my room and told me to leave immediately.  But Marjorie is a virgin, and just a taste of her is sure to cure my craving for her.

When I met Rob, he was almost drowning and I couldn't help myself.  But when everyone surrounded him afterward, I decided they didn't need a 6'1 woman hanging around so I left.  At least it is more interesting than standing around for hours getting fitted in a bridesmaid's dress for my friend Bronte's wedding.  After my parents' early death, I was raised by my grandparents, and visiting the local elderly people and playing Bingo and shuffleboard with them is where I feel at home.  My two dates back in college didn't work so well, so now I feel more comfortable with the elderly than people my own age, except for Bronte and my other friends from the coffee shop where we work.  My Rob sweeps me off my feet, and despite getting drunk on our first date and vomiting all over him, and acting like a brainless flirt on our second date, we finally decided I should act like myself.  Rob is gorgeous and some kind of businessman, but as the wedding gets closer he starts acting weird .

When Robert finds out who Marjorie is with, he knows when this sweet girl finds out who he is, this wonderful relationship will end, but he can't help himself.  Marjorie can't believe such a wonderful man like Robert is attracted to her, and he even encourages her to wear high heels!

Jessica Clare has delighted us this month with the story of Marjorie and Robert, and two more different people would be hard to find.  Robert could be called a player, a cusser and an all-around wheeler dealer, never thinking about a woman again after he beds her.  Growing up as he did under State care has Robert determined to live life the way he wants, the more money the better!  Marjorie grew up with her grandparents, and being so tall has insulated her from relationships with men.  Shy and quiet, Marjorie is amazed when Robert wants to date her, especially after her friends give her guidance on how to date that turns out with disastrous results.  Finally Robert tells her he wants just the real Marjorie, and they begin their tentative relationship that amazes even Robert.  His only redeeming side is he tries to keep Marjorie a virgin because of what might happen when she finally finds out who and what he is.

Secondary characters are Bronte and Logan, the bride and groom, and the other members of the wedding party.  Particularly intriguing is Robert's assistant Smith and how she can get things done none of the others can.

THE BILLIONAIRE AND THE VIRGIN is actually a thoughtful story about two people whose personalities are polar opposites. And how Robert sees in Marjorie something he never knew he was looking for.   The Billionaire Boys Club series   includes STRANDED WITH A BILLIONAIRE, BEAUTY AND THE BILLIONAIRE, THE WRONG BILLIONAIRE'S BED, ONCE UPON A BILLIONAIRE and ROMANCING THE BILLIONAIRE.  What happens when Marjorie finds out who and what Robert is heart wrenching and yet full of drama.  For a totally distinctive story, give THE BILLIONAIRE AND THE VIRGIN a try this month; it is guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings!

Cece Johns