Cupcake Lovers , Book 2
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-1-250-00133-7
April 2013
Contemporary Romance

Sugar Creek, Vermont – Present Day

Rocky Monroe had just turned seventeen when she crawled into the bed of Jayce Bello, her brother's best friend. Her virginity lost, Rocky was stunned when Jayce proposed marriage and, after turning him down, she ran off. She's been running ever since. Thirteen years later, Rocky is trying to jumpstart her bed and breakfast and has screwed up another relationship—and once again she blames Jayce. She had a “friends with benefits” thing going with nice Adam Brody, but it all ended when Jayce landed in town for a few days and they clashed. Jayce has returned to his home in New York, but Rocky can't settle down. Her life seemingly in turmoil, she tries to move on, but is suddenly forced to seek Jayce's assistance in New York when she's mugged while on a trip there to promote a potential cupcake lover's book deal. Just like all those years ago, Rocky can't resist Jayce's bed…

Jayce never forgot Rocky but feels he's not worthy of winning her love, so why bother pursuing her? He's spent the past few years in New York City as a private investigator, but now wants to branch off into cyber investigations—back in Sugar Creek. How will Rocky react when she learns that Jayce is returning home, especially since it seems they haven't gotten past what happened thirteen years ago? There's no denying the chemistry is still there, yet Rocky keeps pushing Jayce away.

Readers first met Rocky and Jayce in the first book in the Cupcake Lovers series, FOOL FOR LOVE, and they now have their own tale in THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE. Rocky would prefer to try to bury the memories of her teen lust when Jayce turned the tables on her by proposing marriage. Rocky hasn't told her brother, Dev, why she dislikes his best friend, Jayce, and hopes she never has to. But with Jayce's return to Sugar Creek, things are heating up, especially after their night in New York. Rocky's trying to keep her life in control—she's renovating the bed and breakfast and handling duties as the cupcake lovers' president despite the fact that the deposed president, Tasha Burke, hates her. When mysterious threats are made against Rocky, it's Jayce who steps in to protect her. This infuriates her even more because he makes it clear he wants her in his bed, but she still holds grudges over the proposal from years ago. Rocky prefers no commitments, and having a fling with Jayce just may make them seem like a couple.

Raised by drunken parents who eventually died in a car crash when he was eighteen, Jayce always admired Dev and Rocky their stable and secure life growing up. When Rocky crawled into his bed thirteen years ago and offered herself to him, he couldn't resist her, especially since he was already half in love with her. But his proposal of marriage—to make things right—was thrown back in his face. He's spent the past thirteen years away from Sugar Creek, and now it's calling his name again. Could it be because of Rocky?

There is plenty of sparks between Rocky and Jayce in Beth Ciotta's THE TROUBLEWITH LOVE. Jayce only wants to do what's best for Rocky, while she wants to remain independent, especially from the man she can't admit she's never gotten over. Their differing opinions and arguments soon lead to sizzling sex, but is sex all that is between them? Not if Jayce has his way. The road to love is never easy as Rocky and Jayce lock horns in THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE, and it means readers are in for an entertaining tale that is chockfull of humor and sensuality. Will a relationship that began thirteen years ago finally reach its happily-ever-after ending? Find out for yourself in the highly enjoyable THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE.

Patti Fischer