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Harlequin Presents #4172
ISBN: 978-1-335-59321-4
February 2024
Contemporary Series Romance

Switzerland & Singapore – Present Day

Izzy O’Sullivan’s marriage to Julian hadn’t been the best and normally she wouldn’t want anything to do with his legacy, but she wants a child, and she intends to use the sperm left by him that was collected during their marriage. It’s not like he will need it since he is dead. She travels to Switzerland where the sperm is, and where she will get the procedure, but it’s been a long wait. Why do the medical personnel seem to be delaying the procedure? Then in walks Julian’s best friend, retired race car driver Grayson Koh. He informs Izzy that she won’t be having the procedure because the sperm that Julian claimed was his—is actually Grayson’s. She runs out of the clinic and into a snowstorm. Going to the place in Julian’s written instructions, she only realizes at the last moment that the mansion belongs to Grayson. He arrives and confronts her but since it is late and the roads are now impassable, she agrees to spend the night. But the storm ends up trapping them for days. Meanwhile, Grayson has a suggestion. Izzy can have her baby, but it will be his and it will be conceived the old-fashioned way. Will she agree to this proposal?

When Izzy first met Grayson years ago, she was a nanny for a family who were his friends. She was attracted to him, but he may have cost her the job she loved as she was let go shortly after they met. Julian soon began to pay attention to her and charmed her into marriage. But it quickly became clear that he had a drug addiction. When she tried to walk away from him, he would convince her to stay. But drug addiction eventually cost Julian his life—and his family blames her. She doesn’t care about Julian because what she wants is a baby. But it turns out that Julian played a game of switcheroo. He blamed Grayson for his inability to conceive and asked his longtime friend to provide the sperm sample. Grayson thought it was all destroyed when Julian died but then he got a call from the clinic. 

Grayson and Izzy were secretly attracted to each other in THE BUMP IN THEIR FORBIDDEN REUNION from the moment they met. But she felt they were not a good match, and he was busy with his career. His life was racing cars all over the world but now he’s settled down to run his business. Izzy returned to her cottage in Ireland but now longs for a baby. Because there is no man in sight, she figures cashing in at the sperm bank could give her what she wants. She has signed the necessary paperwork which means no claim will be made regarding her late husband’s estate. Learning the truth about whose sperm it is has her in shock. Yet, the days they spend alone in his Swiss mansion have them deciding to have a baby—and working hard to achieve it. Will they be successful? What about the sizzling attraction that won’t go away between them?

An interesting and intriguing tale, find out how Izzy and Grayson find love together in THE BUMP IN THEIR FORBIDDEN REUNION.

Patti Fischer

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