Harlequin Desire #2179
ISBN: 978-0-373-73192-3
September 2012
Series Romance

Huntington Beach, California and Dunley, Ireland – Present Day

When Irish business billionaire Ronan Connolly dumped real estate agent Laura Page, she was hurt badly and swore that she'd never let him back in her life. But now Ronan is back, determined to pick up right where they left off in their affair. Too much has happened for Laura to just forgive and forget. Ronan ramps up his charm, soon making Laura unable to resist him, even though she knows she'll be in for heartbreak again. Ronan has made it clear he's not in the market for marriage, while Laura wants the stability of a home and family.  Can she convince him that she's not interested in him anymore?

Ronan hated to breakup with Laura, but their relationship was turning serious, and he isn't in for the long haul in that department. Yet, once he was away from her, he couldn't get her out of his mind. Ronan convinces himself that their affair hasn't run its course yet and until it does, he wants Laura in his bed. But she resists him, pushing him away even as he proves to her that they are still sexually attracted to each other. Then Ronan learns the real reason why Laura doesn't want him back in her life. He's stunned, but now more determined than ever to win her trust and get their affair back on an even keel.

Ronan's Irish charm won over Laura when they first met, but his brash, no strings attached demands soon left her angry at him in UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL by Maureen Child. After breaking up with Laura, he has a change of heart, but she's not in the mood to just pick up things like before. Too much has happened, and Laura can't forgive him.  In UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, readers are introduced to Ronan and Laura as he arrives on her doorstep two months after the breakup and she refuses to let him in. He uses the excuse that she has his dog and wants the “Beast” back, but he hopes for a second chance with her. Much like the way he just walked away from his dog, Laura doesn't want to be treated as a “throwaway” based on his whims and desires. 

Ronan finally finagles his way back into Laura's life—and bed—though she continues to resist him. When she reveals a secret and why she can't let her heart be broken again, he wants to make it up to her, even as he struggles with his own emotions. Their trip to Ireland gives Ronan a chance for Laura to see another side of him. Ronan's brashness might make it hard for readers to like him at first, but his Irish charm will surely win him points. Laura is in the real estate agency business with her newly single sister, Georgia. Business is slow, even in an upscale area of California, and Ronan takes advantage of their need for a sale. Will Ronan win the heart of Laura and realize that he can never let her go again? Is a happily-ever-after and marriage in the future for them?

Another captivating tale from the talented Ms. Child, UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL is a read not to be missed in September, especially with a sexy Irishman who finally meets the woman to bring him to his knees.

Patti Fischer