TRIPLE THE FUN – Maureen Child
Billionaires and Babies Series
Kings of California , Book 16
Harlequin Desire 2371
ISBN: 978-0-373-73384-2
May 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Southern California – Present Day

Billionaire Connor King has ribbed his twin brother relentlessly after he became a father to twins, but one day Connor learns to his surprise that he's the father of triplets. He agreed to donate his sperm to a friend so that she and her partner could have a baby, but was told the procedure didn't work. However, it did, and it isn't until the parents are tragically killed and the guardian aunt sues him for child support does he find out. Now Connor will do anything to gain custody of his babies, even if it means fighting the aunt, Dina Cortez. Despite being a bachelor billionaire, Connor shows he can take care of the triplets, but he wants to move them into his home and finally convinces Dina…and wants her to move in also.

Dina learned after her sister's death the name of the babies' father and that he didn't know he'd fathered them. Taking on the responsibility for three toddlers has put a toll on her financial resources and her ability to generate business for her event planning company. Add in that her home isn't big enough for the triplets and their new father, it makes sense moving into his spacious home overlooking the Pacific Ocean. But living in close quarters with a man you find deliciously attractive is a recipe for either disaster or problems of the romantic kind.

It's TRIPLE THE FUN for Connor and Dina as they become instant parents of triplets. They had briefly met years ago, but it isn't until they're forced to interact with each other that sparks fly. Dina loves the triplets, Sam, Sage and Sadie, and she intends to fight Connor for custody even if her money is slowly draining away. Connor certainly has the funds to help her with them, but he wants full custody. As the attraction between them builds, Dina tells herself she needs to keep a clear head or Connor could use it against her. All he knows is that she loves his kids but he has better resources to raise them. As they butt heads over the matter, desire for each other heats up.

With three little ones around that need constant attention, it's hard to find some alone time in TRIPLE THE FUN, but the nights provide ample opportunity for Dina and Connor to get closer. He soon wants her in his life full time, but convincing her that he isn't only using her is hard to do. She thinks of him as a playboy billionaire who is only playing at being a daddy and soon he will grow tired and leave the raising of the children to a nanny. Not if Dina has a say in the matter! The chemistry between Dina and Connor sizzle in TRIPLE THE FUN and it doesn't long before they're heating up the sheets. But can they learn to trust each other?

Even if you think it's hard to raise triplets or to read about them in a romance, readers will grow to care for Dina and Connor as their lives have drastically changed. But with change comes love and they certainly find this in the enchanting TRIPLE THE FUN.

Patti Fischer