A Perfect 10
Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2335
ISBN: 978-0-373-73348-4
November 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Near Whitefish Lake, Montana – Present Day

Former Marine (and now billionaire cowboy) Jake Hunter enjoys his life being holed up on a remote Montana ranch and running it alongside his beloved grandfather, but one October day his peace is shattered when Cassidy Moore shows up. While her appearance wasn't unexpected since she's bringing papers from his mother in Boston for him to sign, the effect she has on him is unexpected. Jake soured on relationships after his marriage broke up years ago, and city bred Cassidy certainly isn't his type. Yet, there's something about her that attracts him, and when a snowstorm traps them alone in his house, he's soon unable to resist making love to her. But the next morning Jake makes it clear to her that he's not interested in repeating what happened, so an angry Cassidy heads back to Boston.

Fast forward fourteen months later. It's almost Christmas, and Jake, who doesn't even celebrate the holiday, is introduced to what may be a most special Christmas gift when Cassidy arrives with a baby boy in tow…his son. Even now she's only telling him about baby Luke because Jake's mother has threatened to take her to court to take him away. Cassidy appeals to Jake to help her against his mother. He agrees—but only if she marries him. Cassidy balks, because she doesn't want to end up in a loveless marriage. Will the spirit of Christmas show Jake the way for his heart to find love—and a happily-ever-after—with Cassidy?

In THE COWBOY'S PRIDE AND JOY it's like reading a two part book. The first half deals with Cassidy's arrival at Jake's ranch and the immediate attraction they feel for each other. Jake has hardened his heart against love after his disastrous marriage. and Cassidy doesn't want to end up in a dead-end relationship after watching her own mother's heartbreak. Yet this zing of desire can't be denied, and it doesn't take long before Jake is taking her to bed and making love to her all night long. But the light of morning has him rethinking what he did—and how he must reject Cassidy and make her run very fast in the other direction. It works—but even then she has left a lasting impression on him. He can't forget about her, and when she does finally reappear, he wonders at first if his mind is playing tricks on him. But she's here—with a son he didn't know existed. This starts the second part of THE COWBOY'S PRIDE AND JOY.

Cassidy enjoyed working for Jake's mother in Boston, but after realizing she was pregnant, Cassidy knew she had to leave. Her siblings recently went behind her back and told Jake's mother that Cassidy bore his child. Jake isn't close to his mother because of his refusal to work in the family business back east, so when Cassidy tells him his mother wants custody of Luke, he's ready to jump in to help fight the battle. But her reappearance in Montana reminds Jake of what he has been missing the past fourteen months. He's serious about marrying her, but tells himself it's for his son's sake. Yet the sizzling desire for Cassidy has him wanting to make love to her over…and over.

THE COWBOY'S PRIDE AND JOY is the perfect blend of a couple discovering love and the joys of Christmas as they finally come to realize how much they mean to each other. This perfect tale richly deserves one of Romance Reviews Today's rare Perfect 10's, and once you start reading THE COWBOY'S PRIDE AND JOY you'll see why. Cassidy brings love and happiness into Jake's dark life, and once you're done reading, you'll have a smile on your face. Grab this gem for a read you won't want to miss.

Patti Fischer