A Perfect 10
Dynasties: The Lassiters , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2294
ISBN: 978-0-373-73307-1
April 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Cheyenne, Wyoming – Present Day

As shocked as the family of the late J.D. Lassiter is about his death, they're even more stunned by the contents of his will. None the more shocking than the news that he left very little to his only daughter, Angelica, and three million dollars to his devoted live-in nurse, Colleen Falkner. As the eldest son, Sage Lassiter could actually care less if he inherited anything but he does care about his sister. Determined to find out if Colleen had unduly influenced his father, Sage confronts her, but it only brings forth a denial—and makes him aware of how much he's attracted to her. Sage decides a little wooing of the nurse might provide some answers, as well as satisfy his lust.

Colleen is a dedicated nurse and didn't have anything to do with the will's content, but Sage is pressing her to try to remember any details she can recall during the preceding weeks before J.D. died. Add in that Sage is suddenly attentive to her, she has to be careful or her attraction to him might be revealed. Sage might be depicted as a lonely rancher, but he's a charmer who makes it hard for her to resist him. Will both get what they want?

As with all the beginnings of a new series, THE BLACK SHEEP'S INHERITANCE features introductions to several characters that will appear throughout the series. But this tale focuses on Sage, the oldest son who has been estranged from his father for years, but feels compelled to stick up for his little sister when she gets gypped out of her inheritance. Colleen is a hard worker who hasn't had an easy life, but as the recipient of three million dollars she plans to start a new adventure—after first making sure her mother gets to retire and enjoy life. Sage makes her feel uncomfortable, probably because the first time they met, the night J.D. passed away, a look of awareness was exchanged between them. He is unlike any man she's ever met, but is he going to be trouble for her heart?

Sage's courting of Colleen is subtle, yet how can she miss his acts of kindness and willingness to help her out? Though, when he invites her to stay at his ranch for a few days so  he can help her check out a possible cabin near his place for her to buy, how can she not realize that they will soon be hitting the sheets for nights of pleasure? Colleen isn't an innocent, but even she soon begins to wonder why Sage is so attentive. Will she give him the boot when she figures out the truth? Will he see that the attraction he feels for her is more than lust?

Maureen Child has penned a superb sensual romance that makes THE BLACK SHEEP'S INHERITANCE a read I highly recommend. In fact, I loved it so much that I have to give it a Perfect 10, because not very often do I find a book that I hate to see end. THE BLACK SHEEP'S INHERITANCE is one of those.

Patti Fischer