Pregnant by the Boss , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2433
ISBN: 978-0-373-73446-7
March 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Wyoming and California Present Day

Sean Ryan and his two partners, his brother Mike and Brady Finn, are presently turning hotels into destinations for gamers. A hotel in Wyoming is their latest project, and Sean is dealing not only with the bad weather but the construction company owner, Kate Wells. She's efficient and hardnosed, and the two tend to butt heads. Of course, Sean has also noticed she's attractive. Just as he's about to leave to return home to California, the falling snow turns into a blizzard and neither can leave the partially constructed hotel. They are alone and will have to get along if they don't want to kill each other.

Kate thinks Sean is being a jerk in fighting her for what she sees as very competent suggestions on how to renovate the hotel. After all, she lives here and is in the construction business. The last thing she wants is to become stranded with a man who not only aggravates her with his stubbornness, but attracts her. The one good thing is that it forces them to talk, which leads to an ever growing sexual awareness. Why not have a fling to scratch the itch? But while the sex is great, it soon leads to a complication neither expected: an unplanned pregnancy.

Sean has vowed to never marry nor have children after a painful experience years ago where he watched his then girlfriend lose their unborn child. Kate provided a temporary break from the relentless pursuit of adding hotels to the gaming empire he and his partners have built. While he had no problems walking away from Kate after their fling, he never forgot her. After several months where she seems evasive and he wonders what she's up to, he decides to pay an unexpected visit to the Wyoming hotel. But it is Sean who gets the surprise when he discovers Kate is several months pregnant with his child.

Sean had mentioned during their short time together that he didn't want children, so she thought he wouldn't care about their child. She plans to raise the baby alone, but yet hasn't found the right time to tell him he is going to become a daddy. Sean's appearance changes her plans, as he immediately wants to not only claim his child, but to marry her. Kate is independent, and no one is going to tell her to give up her life in Wyoming and move to California just because it's convenient for him. The two battle it out. Who will win in the end, or will they compromise?

SNOWBOUND WITH THE BOSS completes the Pregnant by the Boss trilogy by Maureen Child. The common theme are the owners of the gaming company and the women who end up pregnant with their child. Love is found and a happily-ever-after is guaranteed once they realize they can't live without each other. Like the other two books in the series, SNOWBOUND WITH THE BOSS has the hardheaded man finally falling to his knees to win the hand of his lady. Sean had figured love and marriage wouldn't be in his plans, but soon he realizes he can't live without Kate. An enjoyable tale I highly recommend, grab it before it's off the shelves.

Patti Fischer