Kings of California Series
Harlequin Desire #2269
ISBN: 978-0-373-73282-1
December 2013
Contemporary Series Romance

Tesoro Island in the Caribbean – Present Day

When a jewelry theft is reported at the lavish hotel that Rico King owns, his first suspect is the Coretti family, a notorious and elusive Italian family of thieves. Rico's proven right when he discovers Teresa Coretti, a woman he was once married to, at the hotel. He's ready to nail her family, but first he's going to make a deal: the family brings back a prized artifact dagger that they stole from him, and Teresa must spend a month on his island—in his bed.

Teresa is embarrassed by her family's occupation, and as such she has tried to lead a normal life away from them. Five years ago she fell in love with Rico and hoped she could hide her past from him, but when jewels and the dagger came up missing, she knew exactly who had taken them. Rather than face Rico's wrath, she chose her family and ran away, ending her marriage to the man she loved. Teresa thought they were divorced, but Rico informs her that they aren't, and he now demands payback from her by forcing her to stay with him for a month—and in his bed. Can Teresa do this—and hide the fact that she's still in love with Rico?

Revenge is sweet for Rico King in HER RETURN TO KING'S BED. He doesn't quite understand himself why he still wants Teresa, especially with her being part of a thieving family. Yet, Rico still desires her, and hopes by month's end he'll have her out of his system. He won't actually force her to have sex with him, but they both know it will no doubt happen because the passion between them still sizzles. Teresa tries to resist him, but being around him has her body melting and she soon can't wait until they make love. But the past still lies between them. Can Rico trust Teresa? Will he get back his prized possession? When the month is up, can Rico and Teresa walk away from each other?

Another installment in the Kings of California series by Maureen Child, HER RETURN TO KING'S BED takes us to a magnificent Caribbean island where Rico has built a luxurious resort that draws the rich and famous. Getting their valuables stolen is not one of the hotel's advertised options, so Rico wants to find the culprits and put them away. His attraction for Teresa gets in the way of his original plan, but will it also save her family from being prosecuted? A riveting read about reunited lovers who never forgot each other, HER RETURN TO KING'S BED is one tale I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer