Pregnant by the Boss
, Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2390
ISBN: 978-0-373-73403-0
August 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Long Beach, California and Ireland – Present Day

Billionaire video game designer Brady Finn and his two partners know a lot about gaming but little about how a hotel is run, yet it doesn't stop them from buying one. Their company purchased a historic castle hotel in Ireland and brings the hotel's manager to them in California to discuss their design of integrating one of their games into the hotel layout. The manager, Aine Donovan, is opposed to the idea, despite the fact that her objections could jeopardize her job. Aine isn't afraid to go toe to toe with Brady, and it only heats up an attraction between them. Brady is against mixing business with pleasure, but will he be unable to resist Aine?

Aine loves her job and knows battling the new owners could end up with her being fired. Brady is as stubborn as anyone can be, and she tries to convince him to visit the castle in person to see that its historic beauty needs to be retained.  Even Aine feels the chemistry between her and Brady, but after a few heated kisses he leaves her hanging…and ends up ignoring her. Yet, soon the fiery passion can't be denied, and one night they give in to their mutual desire. But by the light of the morning Brady declares it's a mistake, even as he realizes they made love without protection. He sends her back to Ireland after gaining her promise that she will let him know if she is pregnant.

As it turns out in HAVING HER BOSS'S BABY, Aine didn't come clean with Brady, and it's only when he arrives at the hotel on a surprise visit months later that he learns she's having his baby. Brady has commitment issues due to childhood rejection, so it's no surprise that he feels he can't get involved with any woman. Aine is a woman unlike any he's ever been around. She's feisty, strong, and gets under his skin...even as he wants to passionately kiss her. His business partners see the affect Aine has on Brady and try to needle him to admit it, but he continually denies it. Will being around her in her environment change his mind?

With her mother and younger brother to support, Aine can't lose her job, but it's not going to stop her from stating her opinions, or rejecting Brady's attempts at bulldozing her into a loveless marriage. She doesn't understand why he keeps his heart stone cold, but being around her has him relaxing, and she finally gets to see the man he should be. Their desire for each other is scorching hot, making them do things neither thought they'd do. Including falling in love…

A sweet and sexy romance from the talented pen of Maureen Child, HAVING HER BOSS'S BABY is less about having a baby than having the clouds part so Brady can see how special and lovable Aine is. Will they find their happily-ever-after? Grab a copy of this emotional tale to learn the answer.

Patti Fischer