Billionaires & Babies Series
Kings of California Series
Harlequin Desire #2289
ISBN: 978-0-37373302-6
March 2014
Series Romance

Laguna Beach, California - Present Day

Colton King met Penny Oaks in Las Vegas at a conference, and the two embarked on a weeklong whirlwind affair that culminated in a quickie marriage. But Colton had second thoughts the next day and told Penny he wanted a divorce. Eighteen months later, Colton's world is forever changed when Penny's brother shows up to announce that Colton has twin babies with Penny-and it's about time he took responsibility for them. Stunned, Colton marches to Penny's side and demands answers, but once he has them, what will he do? This confirmed bachelor never planned to be tied down, especially to a child-well, now he has TWO children.

Penny is still angry over the way Colton treated her after wooing and wedding her, only to change his mind. He made it clear that marriage and family weren't part of his future, so when she discovered she was expecting, she decided to not inform him. To her frustration, her brother interferes after Penny gets sick, and now she can't keep Colton from barging into her life and demanding changes, one of which is that he gets to know his children. Penny is concerned that Colton's attentiveness is only temporary and her children will end up disappointed when he disappears. But she's also worried that she's falling for the man himself again, especially when he turns on the charm.

It's double the babies in DOUBLE THE TROUBLE by Maureen Child as an unplanned pregnancy changes the lives of a couple. After their failed marriage, neither Colton nor Penny expected to see the other, but after her brother intercedes, Colton suddenly becomes a big part of the babies' lives, literally moving in to help Penny out after she has an appendectomy surgery. Being in close quarters rekindles the desire they'd felt for each other eighteen months ago. Colton wants to do whatever it takes to make life better for his children and their mother, while Penny resists his help or having him around because she fears he'll leave when he gets tired of playing at fatherhood.

Colton never expected to be a daddy because he felt he didn't deserve anyone-a wife or children-to share his life after the tragic death of his parents that he blames on himself. He does remain close to his twin brother, Connor, but Colton fills his days planning the next extreme adventure at their business, including plenty of hands-on work. Taking care of the twins has Colton experiencing new adventures, such as changing diapers, feeding them, or feeling fuzzy inside when they smile at him. Could this mean he could change his mind about wanting a family-with Penny? Alas, Penny still doesn't trust Colton and figures it's only a matter of time before he takes off on another adventure some place far away-and forgets about his children.

Penny went into her relationship with Colton during that week with unexpected emotions but soon fell in love with him in DOUBLE THE TROUBLE. But after his rejection of her, he's going to have to earn her trust again. Of course, the sizzling chemistry that triggered their initial fling hasn't died out, and in DOUBLE THE TROUBLE it's ready to flare again. A sensual and emotional tale, grab yourself a copy and sit back and enjoy.

Patti Fischer