ISBN: 978-1-492-62265-9
October 2016
Contemporary Novellas

New York City and North Carolina – Present Day

Two short stories originally published as eBooks only are now also combined into one enjoyable paperback holiday edition.

Mistletoe Between Friends

Lily Cavanaugh and Cam Greene have known each other since they were babies as their parents are friends, and as such, feel like they can just about discuss anything with the other. The holiday season is almost upon them and with both families pressuring them to marry someone, they decide to create a fake relationship between each other during the holidays to fool their parents. To start the façade, Lily agrees to accompany Cam to a conference he's attending in New York City, but once there, things start to heat up as these friends soon become lovers.

It turns out that sometimes the love you're looking for is right in front of you as Lily and Cam discover in Mistletoe Between Friends . Standing underneath a sprig of mistletoe does the trick, and Cam ends up kissing Lily. The kiss was so hot that they begin to look at one another in a different light. However, they fear they will end up destroying their friendship if they continue their “act” beyond the holidays.

Once home, Cam and Lily are uncomfortable around one another even as they pretend to their family that they're lovers. Forced to act loving and to share a room at the family get-together over Christmas, the attraction only heats up more. Lily wonders if they can think about a future together…until Cam receives a fateful phone call.

A sexy and enjoyable friends to lovers tale, Mistletoe Between Friends is the perfect holiday romance to start out a book.

The Snowflake Inn

Riley Walsh returns home after being medically discharged from the military, but he isn't ready to see his mother so he has been staying in a nearby hotel. His mother runs a bed and breakfast by herself, and he's home to confront her with the news that maybe it's time that she sell the property because he has no intention of taking over the business. While out running, he spots a pretty woman that he soon learns is Grace Brodie. She's cute and funny, and to his surprise, she works for his mother at the bed and breakfast.

Grace tragically lost her parents and since then has hung on by a thread with the fear of being left alone again. Helping Corrine Walsh run the bed and breakfast has been a blessing because for the first time in a long while it feels like home. When Riley walks in and she learns the man she's been ogling during her runs at the park is Corrine's only child and that he wants to sell the business, she suddenly fears she's about to be set adrift again. It's a war of “who is right” as Grace and Riley battle each other.

A soldier finally returns home in The Snowflake Inn , but it isn't necessarily a happy reunion as Riley makes it clear he wants Corrine to sell and enjoy her retirement years. Grace sees Riley as a threat to her happiness in working at the inn and she has to convince him he needs to let nature take its course. There is plenty of friction between them and, of course, hate soon turns to passion.  Riley isn't the type to stick to one place for long, while Grace is wanting to make the inn her home. In the end, will Riley see that in order to be happy with Grace he'll have to take the inn too?

Two sizzling tales of Christmas holiday love will hit the spot for readers. Grab a cup of cocoa and snuggle up for some enticing reading in MISTLETOE BETWEEN FRIENDS/THE SNOWFLAKE INN.

Patti Fischer