Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 978-1492622680
November 2018
Contemporary Romance

Maine & North Carolina – Present Day

Readers are treated to two stories in one book with Samantha Chase's EXCLUSIVE and A TOUCH OF HEAVEN.


It's a chance of a lifetime for reporter Taylor Scott to become well-known after a reclusive author requests that she be the first one to interview him. While Jonathan Wade is a best-selling author, no one has ever seen him. Now Taylor has a chance to change all that, but she must travel to Maine and stay with the man at his remote property. She arrives and is met by Mr. Wade's assistant, Mike Green, a man from her past who was her ex's best friend. His boss is away at the moment, but Mike has been instructed to acclimatize Taylor to the area. As Taylor and Mike become reacquainted, they begin to enjoy their time spent together. But something feels off to her. Is Mike being honest with her about his boss?

The first time Mike and Taylor knew one another, she was involved with another man. But after a contentious breakup with her ex, she drifted apart from Mike. Will the time spent together allow them to rekindle something that will lead to more than friendship? Mike seems to have a cushy job that gives him the run of the property, which leads Taylor to wonder about Mike. Readers will question if Jonathan Wade really exists or what Mike is hiding. Taylor starts to develop feelings for Mike but she is hot and cold about them because she is supposed to be working and doesn't want to give a bad impression when Mr. Wade shows up. Mike begins to wonder if she thinks less of him because he is the hired help. Will things work out enough for them to find a future together? And what happens when… and if …the mysterious author shows up?


Regan Amerson's father has been gone for several years and her mother is finally ready to sell the family home. But one day her mother comes into the spa they co-own with the news that she's been offered a chance of a make-over for the house by a popular television renovation show.  Regan is dubious, even after the host of the show, Sawyer Bennett, informs her that they won't change the character of the house. As the crew starts on the project, Regan finds herself battling with Sawyer over things that he's doing. Yet, even as they argue, a sizzle of awareness simmers between them. Will the tension between them turn into something more?

Regan's mixed feelings about her mother selling the family home has her immediately hating Sawyer for renovating it in the first place, even though he assures her that it will help increase the sale price. Even while she drags her feet over the project, the pull of attraction between herself and Sawyer can't be denied. They try to keep their relationship under wraps, even from her mother and his father, who themselves are seeing each other. Meanwhile, the show's filming must go on, with each day making them realize that soon their fling must end. Sawyer's life is on the road filming his show, while Regan's is in North Carolina running her spa. Can they find a way to make it work?

EXCLUSIVE and A TOUCH OF HEAVEN are two delightful tales of couples finding romance and love in the most unexpected of ways. With a bit of sizzle and pop, this tale is a nice read that you'll surely enjoy.

Patti Fischer