The Dressmakers , Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-06-210031-3
July 2012
Historical Romance

London 1835

Dark-haired Marcelline, blond Sophia, and red-headed Leonie Noirot were born of a disreputable French count and a lady belonging to the wild branch of the otherwise respectable DeLucey family. As children of a pair of swindlers, they learned many of life's lessons, but were saved from following in the family profession by a cousin who taught them honesty along with dressmaking. Escaping a cholera epidemic that swept Paris, the sisters took their varied talents to England and opened Maison Noirot. Their charm, beauty and complementary skills soon had them dressing ladies of Society. But now the business is in trouble. Marcelline's marriage to the Duke of Clevedon caused a great stir among Society, and made them an enemy who's out to destroy them, a leader of the Ton who had her heart set on the duke for her daughter. Ironically, their best customer is Lady Clara Fairfax, the daughter of that very enemy.

Harry Fairfax, Earl of Longmore and heir of a marquess, has become bored with his life as a man about town. And now he's ordered by his mother to accompany his sister to guard her against the army of fortune hunters wooing her. The only thing to pique his interest lately is his sister's dressmaker, the fascinating Sophy Noirot. He's kept his eye on Sophy as she goes about parties and balls in disguise, usually as a servant, to gather items for a daily gossip sheet. At one such ball, Lady Clara is deliberately compromised by a bankrupt lord. It's either a disastrous marriage or complete ruin. Sophy and Longmore join forces to save Clara and her reputation . It won't be easy.

Sophy thinks little of men's brains, Longmore's included, though she can't deny he has attractive qualities. Nevertheless, she must work with him for Clara's sake as well as Maison Noirot's.

The above is the bare bones of a highly amusing story. Sophy has spirit aplenty and a clever brain her parents would admire. Longmore would be deemed a testosterone rich hunk these days; he has seldom, if ever, been denied anything he wants. He's met his match in Sophy.

Rich in well drawn characters, SCANDAL WEARS SATIN has something interesting going on every moment. With passion and humor, it can't help but delight. Wouldn't it just frost Society if another Noirot sister captured another title and fortune? Don't miss it. And, if you haven't already, you'll want to see how Marcelline got her duke in SILK IS FOR SEDUCTION.

Jane Bowers