Boston Dragons , Book 2
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN:-10: 1-49261-009-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-49261-009-0
September 2016
Urban Fantasy

Boston The Present

Chloe Arish was one of three remaining dragon shifters who migrated from their ancient home to Boston in I DREAM OF DRAGONS. Now, with a forged birth certificate, she is an American citizen and determined to join the Boston Fire Department. She has applied for the only position, but a very handsome Greek looking god of a man exits the department chief's door, who is doing the interviewer. He is from a family of fire fighters and arrogant with it. They square off in the office with jabs at each other. Then Chloe enters for her interview. At the end of her successful interview, the man is still waiting. With the chief watching, Chloe slings her six-foot opponent for the job over her shoulder just to prove she could.

Ryan Fierro is furious at the embarrassment Chloe handed him. Plus his family of phoenixes, yes the ancient Greek mythic type of phoenix, expect him to get this job. Firefighting is not without its peril, even for a phoenix, but as true of all phoenixes, he can rise again from ashes. Readers can image what that would do to his presence in Boston. But if he misses out on this job opportunity to a girl?

Despite his budget crunch, the chief hires both Chloe and Ryan, continuing their challenging relationship. They end up in the same fire house. With a dragon and a phoenix sharing space, sparks are sure to fly. Chloe has to earn her position with the rest of her team. Her constant misstatement of American expressions adds humor as does her return to a strong Irish accent when angry. Rory, Chloe's brother, and his wife Amber, plus Ryan's huge family play important roles, especially about making decisions about what Ryan's family role is and what he needs to do. Mother Nature also appears again and asks Chloe to make a huge decision. This is a fun read with moments of humor, angst, failure and triumph, but especially love.

Robin Lee