Boston Dragons Book 1
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN-10: 1-4926-1006-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-4926-1006-9
April 2016
Urban Fantasy Romance

Ireland and Boston, USA- The Present

Leprechauns Chance, Lucky, and Shamus, appear at Rory Arish's cottage where he lives with his two sisters, Chloe and Shannon. The leprechauns accuse the dragon-shifting humans of stealing one of the leprechaun's gold. When Rory denies the charge, they use their magic and ban him and his sisters off the island, plus they remove the magic which has hidden the dragon's castle. The Arishes land in a small boat, but Shannon discovers not even changing to a dragon can break through the shield keeping them out of Ireland. Chloe and Rory manage to wrangle the leprechauns into giving them their belongings and a few treasures from the castle to help them survive. Rory, Chloe, and Shannon eventually end up in Boston.

Flight attendant Amber is working a difficult flight when she notices one of the women passengers observing her. Once the flight to Boston is over, she runs into the woman once again in the restroom with another woman. Soon Amber is told Mother Nature, or Gaia, has selected her to be the new Muse of Air Travel. Initially Amber laughs off the offer of the crazy woman, but soon learns Gaia has clout. One rule is she can never reveal paranormals, or the paranormal world, to humans.

Things go kind'a crazy from there. Due to some ill-timed luck, both Amber and Rory find themselves in a contentious competition for an apartment in an apartment building established for paranormals in particular. One houses witches, vampires, and a ghost. They end up sharing the apartment, and the first to walk out the door for any reason loses their claim to the apartment. Of course, such closeness is going to lead to propinquity, especially with the ghost's intervention. Other difficulties mount. Shannon wants to return home to be with her human boyfriend Finn. The leprechauns come to Boston still searching for the gold, and of course causing more problems. Amber finds dealing with Gaia difficult, and Rory's Arish cousins try to claim the castle.

While trying to buy into the story's premise was initially difficult for me, the characters and their absurd situations soon had me smiling and looking at the gold.

Robin Lee