A Rainshadow Novel
ISBN: 978-0-515-15284-5
September 2012
Paranormal Romance

Shadow Bay, Rainshadow Island, the World of Harmony Present Day

Rachel Blake, raised in a Harmonic Enlightenment (HE) community, is working reading auras at a clinic in the outside world, but it is soon apparent that it isn't working out, and she is fired.  She cannot help people she knows are monsters and are faking their symptoms.  Marcus, whom she had for therapy, is definitely a monster, but the clinic's director does not believe her.  Marcus wants Rachel for himself so isn't happy when she leaves.  She has a talent for diagnosing problems of the para-senses, but feels that she doesn't belong in the mainstream, and also doesn't belong in the HE community.

Rachel left Rainshadow Island after a frightening experience when she went into the Preserve.  She has no memory of the twelve hours spent there, and knows she was very fortunate to find her way out.  Now, monsters and dark dreams invade her sleep.  Darwina, a dust bunny, is her companion.  Dust bunnies are the size of a rat, but are fluffy with six legs and four eyes.  Darwina loves her doll and enjoys riding on Rachel's shoulder.  Rachel is trying to decide if she wants to move back permanently to the island and take over her aunt's book store.

Harry Sebastian comes by during a thunderstorm asking for shelter.  She was introduced to him the day before by the police chief, Slade, and felt the instant attraction between them.  Harry's family owns most of the island and has come to investigate some problems in the Preserve.  Someone has stolen the treasure left there by Harry the Pirate, his great-grandfather.  He brought three gray crystals from earth to the new planet on his first voyage and hid them in the Preserve, which is protected by paranormal forces.  The crystals have dangerous properties.  Harry's family has always protected them, but now they have disappeared and he wants Rachel to read auras to help find the perpetrator.  He is sure that the thief is someone who knows the island intimately and is powerful enough to go through the paranormal radiation inside the fence of the Preserve.  He fears it could lead to a paranormal explosion.

Rachel tells Harry about her dark dreams of running through water with monsters all around her.  She remembers when she left the Preserve; she was enveloped in fog and heard beautiful bell-like music.  She also found her pocket filled with tiny rainstones.

The thief is finding it impossible to break into the crystals sealed by rainstones.  He is sure Rachel will be able to help him, but first, he must get rid of Harry.

Rachel is an interesting character in THE LOST NIGHT as she brews her special teas and reads auras.  She has an amazing charm bracelet.  Harry wants her to help him find the person responsible for stealing the crystals before it is too late.  He has some remarkable paranormal talents and is very attracted to Rachel.  Dust bunnies are the comic relief in the tale; Darwina steals the show.  Marcus pretends to be one of the good guys, but Rachel sees his evil aura and knows him for what he really is.  As fog and rain storms envelop the alien landscape, evil and danger move closer.  Can Rachel and Harry find the crystals before the whole island is destroyed?

Rainshadow Island is a place where islanders have special talents of magic. THE LOST NIGHT has good dialogue and pacing as well as some unusual alien creatures that are an exciting part of the story.  Readers who enjoy a little magic with danger and romance are sure to enjoy THE LOST NIGHT, another fascinating tale in Ms. Castle's repertoire.

Marilyn Heyman