ROCCO – Sarah Castille
A Ruin & Revenge Novel, Book 3
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-10407-6
January 2018
Romantic Suspense

Las Vegas, Nevada – Present Day

Mafia princess Grace Mantini thought she left the mob behind when she moved to Las Vegas after being disfigured in an attack. Her father and brother are in town, and she agrees to meet with them. After all, they are her only family. But it brings Grace into contact with the man she once loved, Rocco De Lucchi, a ruthless mob enforcer. It was Rocco's adoptive father who brutally slashed her face, and it is Rocco who chose the mob over her. Grace has barely reconciled with her family when they're attacked in a restaurant. And it's Rocco who whisks her to safety before she's killed or kidnapped. But is their “reunion” going to end badly? The sexual attraction is still there, but the danger continues to swirl around them.

Rocco has breathed and lived the mob life since he was barely a teen. As a mob enforcer, if he gets orders to “take out” someone, he must follow them. But when the orders come down to take out the Mantini family, he balks. It doesn't stop him from showing up at the restaurant where they're eating with other mob members, though it isn't Rocco who ambushes them. Someone else has orders to kill the Mantini father and son, and then kidnap Grace. Rocco will do whatever it takes to protect Grace. He can't have her, but he doesn't want anyone else to either. Will Rocco find out who is after Grace and her family…and why?

ROCCO is another suspenseful novel from Sarah Castille, whose Ruin & Revenge series has left readers on the edge of their seats. Rocco is known in the mob business as “Frankie,” but Grace knows him by his real name of Rocco. He was assigned as a driver to Grace's family in New York City starting when she was around ten. As he drove Grace, her father, and younger brother around, he got to know her and when she turned fifteen, a secret romance developed. Rocco is ten years older than Grace, but she was determined he wouldn't resist her, and their relationship soon turned sexual. But their liaison was discovered, and it was Rocco's adoptive father who slashed her face—in front of Rocco—to prove they didn't deserve pretty things.

Grace moved and settled in Las Vegas—a job singing jingles and new friends—but she still maintained a relationship with her family and didn't hesitate to see them when they came on a business trip to Sin City. Unknown to Grace, Rocco has moved to Vegas also and is an important mob enforcer. If she'd known, would she have left Vegas? She hates him for not only what happened to her face, but for what he has become: a brutal and unemotional man who kills on orders. As Rocco tries to protect her, Grace wants to resist him, but the danger is too high. Besides, she needs his contacts in order to not only stay safe, but help find her brother, who went missing after the attack. Meanwhile, her father lies injured in a hospital.

ROCCO will take readers on a nonstop journey of action-packed suspense as Rocco and Grace avoid being killed and try to find out who is after them and the motive. Of course, there will be death and injuries along the way. When there's a potential mob war, nobody is safe. While part of the Ruin & Revenge series, ROCCO can be read as a standalone without too much difficulty, though characters from prior books do pop in and out of some scenes.

Nonstop action and suspense, along with a heavy dose of sensuality, ROCCO is a heart stopping romance at its best. Grab a copy of ROCCO today.

Patti Fischer