NICO – Sarah Castille
A Ruin & Revenge Novel
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-1-250-10403-8
December 2016
Contemporary Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada – Present Day

Mia Cordano is a reluctant Mafia princess in the middle of a Mafia war for control of Las Vegas.  She is a computer hacker and has set up her own business without any interference from her family, despite their opposition. Mafia boss Nico Toscani is part of the rival family battling Mia's family for control and she is unwittingly hired by his casino to check their security system, but is outed by one of his employees. The first meeting between Mia and Nico is explosive, with sparks flying. Getting involved with each other is not an option because Nico blames Mia's family for killing his father ten years ago. But things start to heat up in Las Vegas when a proposed truce between the Cordano and Toscani families hinge on Mia marrying Nico's cousin, Tony.

Nico is the illegitimate Toscani heir, meaning that his father never married his mother, but he was still brought into the business, however with limited power. The Toscani clan is currently run by Nico's uncle, but Nico wants the chance to be the head honcho, with the idea that he'd keep the family out of illegal drug activities. He faces opposition, mainly by his uncle, who wants Tony to run the family after his death. Nico is slowly gathering allies, but the marriage of a Cordano (Mia) to a Toscani (Tony) would complicate things as Mia's father hates Nico's guts. The Mafia war is dangerous, and many lives will be taken before it's all over.

NICO, by Sarah Castille, goes behind the scenes in a deadly and dangerous Mafia war. Mia has tried to distance herself from her family, but her father treats her like a piece of property, and in his anger toward her, is not afraid to hit her. He has decided that she will be used as a pawn in a plan to consolidate the two warring Mafia families, even though she lets him know she won't agree. Mia has rebelled numerous times, and her refusal to agree to the marriage to Tony leaves her beaten and desperate to find another solution. She turns to the one person who might be able to help: Nico.

Nico still grieves the loss of his father and has vowed revenge against the Cordano family, but Mia intrigues him like no woman he's ever met. She's feisty, strong, and willing to fight back. The sexual attraction between them is intense and, as much as they try to resist, they're unable to fight it any longer. Mia's proposition to prevent her from being married to Tony, a man who is reputed to be an abuser, has Nico turning her down at first, but then it becomes clear that she may be the answer to help him win control of his family's business, especially after his uncle is gunned down and killed.

In NICO, there are plenty of violent scenes that may not be for every reader. After all, the business of the Mafia is a deadly and dangerous one. The sexual chemistry between Nico and Mia is sizzling hot even as they appear to be outwardly indifferent to each other. But they're both trying to be become independent of the “family business” even as it continues to pull them back in. Once they give into the fiery passion between them, there's no holding back.

A suspenseful tale with plenty of twists and turns during the battle of Mafia families in Las Vegas, readers will be pulled into the sex and drama in NICO.

Patti Fischer