FULL CONTACT Sarah Castille
Book 3
Sourcebooks Casablanca, Inc.
ISBN-13:  978-1-40 229626-0
April 2015
Erotic Contemporary Romance

San Francisco, California Present Day

Sia O'Donnell has spent the past year going to all the underground mixed martial arts fights in the Marina District.  She lives for each fight of the Predator, and even though she hides as far back as she can, she has memorized his body, his fighting techniques, and has numerous dreams where he has been featured prominently.  This night, her friend Jess is with her and insists on talking during her dream man's fight. Sia's brother, Tag, used to be a fighter, too, but a bad shoulder injury ended his career and he's now a police officer, but he still trains other fighters at Redemption, the fighter's gym.  Tag and Sia have a close relationship, but after what happened to her at the age of eighteen Tag watches over her like a hawk and disagrees with her going to these underground fights in a bad area of town.  Ray, The Predator, comes up to her when Tag finds her walking to her car; Tag's a police officer, and she dislikes him turning on the siren and embarrassing her to everyone around.  She actually gets to talk to Ray.  This could be the highlight of Sia's life!

Several days later Ray comes to Rabid Ink, the tattoo parlor where Sia works.  He actually expects her to touch his body and give him a tattoo?  While Sia is giving Ray the tattoo several days later, a street gang affiliated with a former tattoo artist comes and shoots up the building and the tattoo parlor.

Redemption, the gym, offers everyone a place there for a temporary tattoo parlor while theirs is being rebuilt, and Sia gradually accepts more responsibility and confidence.  Ray is so elusive, and no one really knows what he does, supposedly a private investigator, but his dominant side comes to the forefront as they start a relationship, much against Sia's brother Tag's advice.  Ray lives a less than quiet life, and their romance is raw and lusty.  Sia is always a sucker for Ray, especially as she falls under his forceful personality.

Secondary characters are all the various fighters, each of them with ring names: Blade Saw, Doctor Death, Tiny Tim, Rampage, and Fuzz, Sia's brother.  They form a protective community and come to the assistance of those they love.  Sia's best friend, Jess, formed a bond with Sia that night years ago, and has been living with a huge crush on Tag, Sia's brother, that so far has been unrequited.

FINAL CONTACT brings us into the world of mixed martial arts, tattoos, and a life altering experience that changed Sia's life years ago.  What happened then has Sia living in a protected world, and is carefully watched over by her brother Tag.  Ray is an enigma; is he a private detective, or something else?  Rumor has it CIA or maybe FBI, and these connections could be responsible for what happens next to Sia.  These two meet and can't control their mutual attraction to each other, and it soon develops into some BDSM.  The other novels in the Redemption series are AGAINST THE ROPES (September 2013) and IN YOUR CORNER (July 2014).  Passionate interplay, Sia's growth as a person, and Ray's refusal to accept what Sia means to him are at the center of this story.  If you enjoy some fun mixed martial arts and hot loving, then FULL CONTACT is for you this month.

Cece Johns