BEYOND THE CUT – Sarah Castille
Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club
, Book #2
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN-13:  978-1-250-05661-0
June 2015
Erotic Suspense

Conundrum, Montana – Present Day

Cade Tyson is a member of the Sinners MC (motorcycle club), and owes his very sanity to joining them and saving his life after getting out of the military.  He proudly wears their cut, a vest with his club's patches.  A year ago Cade had two nights of passion with Dawn Delgado before she left him.  Despite being surrounded by willing women in the club all the time, he has never forgotten the peace and satisfaction he felt with Dawn.  As he's riding his Harley he sees Dawn and two small girls, who run across the street from school, almost getting run over.  Cade grabs them up and takes them to Dawn, who is a mess.  Those are Dawn's twin daughters, and soon Cade gets drawn into her fight with her ex-husband, Jimmy, Vice President of another MC, the Brethren, and the evil way he got custody of the girls.   One of the Sinners' creeds is “What's mine is mine and I shall strive to protect it to the best of my ability.”  Cade doesn't know if he wants to make Dawn his old lady, similar to a wife, but he surely wants to keep her safe, even with her history with the Brethren.  Soon Dawn will stretch Cade's loyalty to the Sinners to the max.

At sixteen, Jimmy rescued Dawn from the streets, and she entered a life she knew nothing about.  She was Jimmy's property, and when she had their twin daughters, Maia and Tia, he hated them immediately.  Dawn's duty was to strip for the Brethren, and do whatever Jimmy told her.  Unfortunately, she married Jimmy, and during the divorce he got a “tape” of her making a drug buy and got custody of the girls.  They went to Shelly-Ann, his sister, and Dawn only has three hours of visitation with them every week and any money she can save to buy extra visitation, unknown to Jimmy.  Dawn gave up the motorcycle life three years ago and now lives as a “civilian”—a non-motorcycle person—and is trying to get custody back, a never-ending search for more money for a lawyer, and more money every week for extra time with her daughters.  Dawn always feels as if she has no power and accepts that Jimmy pretty much rules her life.

Never let it be said that Cade the Sinner feels no power, from buying arms to protecting the club's reputation, Cade is a faithful member until Dawn enters his life.  Other clubs are trying to merge with the Sinners, but Jimmy and the Brethren have their own ideas and are not afraid to attack the Sinners and set up traps to try to kill as many as possible.  Being in an MC is not for the faint of heart, which is why Dawn wants to stay away from them, despite Cade's protectiveness toward her.  But when the Sinners' president says Jimmy is not to be killed because of a possible merger, Cade has trouble controlling himself when attacks to Dawn start as Jimmy tries to put her back in her place as his old lady.

All I can say is Sarah Castille is right in the middle of our fascination and horror of motorcycle gangs, and the Sinners MC (Motorcycle Club), is everything your mother always told you was bad about them.  The Sinners are violent, buy and sell arms, have strict rules that call for death if they are broken, and generally treat women like play toys.   Cade Tyson is a former military man and used to violence.  His father killed his mother after beating her all Cade's life, all of his men were slaughtered in a raid except for him, and the Sinners were the only people to save him from drugs and self-destruction.  Cade is a Sinner to the core; in fact, he is the Sinner man-ho, bedding any woman or women he wants any time he wants.  Dawn got into the Brethren, another MC, when her old man, Jimmy, rescued her off the streets after the deaths of her parents.  Both are wounded and trying to cope in their own lives. Cade realizes the fear Dawn lives with, but Dawn only knows she feels safe and protected by Cade, without knowing about his previous life.  Despite his care for her and her daughters, Cade is still Sinner to the bone, and violence is a part of his daily life.

The Sinners and other motorcycle clubs are all a part of Cade and Dawn's life.  Jimmy is Dawn's ex-husband, and despite being divorced for three years, he still considers her his.  Shelly-Ann is Jimmy's sister who has custody of Dawn's daughters, Maia and Tia, and there are all the members of the Sinners.  For right or wrong, they take care of business their own way.

BEYOND THE CUT is full of action and violence; yes that cannot be denied.  If you want to know how outlaw motorcycle clubs work, this might be what they are like.  Dawn is obsessed with getting back her daughters, and Cade is obsessed with the way Dawn makes him feel.  Will Jimmy take Dawn back by any means possible, including violence? Will Dawn get custody of her children, and will Cade go against his club and end Jimmy's life? These are questions that can only be answered by reading the book.  Put your helmet on and hold tight for the ride of your life!

Cece Johns