RED-HOT SANTA – Tori Carrington
Uniformly Hot Series
Harlequin Blaze #652
ISBN: 978-0-373-79656-4
December 2011
Series Romance

Colorado Springs, Colorado and Africa – Present Day

Having been best friends since they were children, Marine reservist Jackson “Jax” Savage is surprised when Maxine “Max” McGuire, who followed him into the Marines, walks into the bar where he's working. Something about Max has Jax suddenly thinking all kinds of naughty things to do with her. But just when he thinks he knows Max isn't like that, she turns the table on him by coming onto him. Before Jax realizes what he's done, he has her between the sheets. But the next morning he comes to his senses and decides the best way to forget Max is to join a security specialist firm for a big assignment. Then Max shows up to join the same company…

Max has always been in love with Jax, but she feared taking their friendship to the next level. When she decides to take the leap, he responds in a way that sends her heart soaring, but the next morning he pushes her away and retreats into his shell. Jax isn't happy that she's on the secret mission to Africa with him, but at the same time he values her abilities enough to make her his sidekick. The dangerous mission is a matter of life or death. Will Jax and Max manage to escape with their lives—and if so, can they have any hope for a future together?

RED-HOT SANTA opens with Jackson dressed as a sexy Santa, with all the women wanting to sit on his lap. But it's Max who gets the naughty response from St. Nick that she wanted. While she's always been considered “one of the guys,” she's after Jax now because he is the only one she's ever wanted, despite his surly, do-not-touch attitude. Jax is tough, rough and macho, and Max has always been there right behind him. Now she wants him to treat her like a desirable woman. She gets her response, though now it appears she may have blindsided him and lost him. Will one night together ruin a lifetime of friendship?

Once Jax and Max get dispatched to Africa to rescue a kidnapped couple and the military rescuers who failed to free them, they need to keep their sights on the mission and try to forget what happened between them in the bedroom.  Yet, neither Jax nor Max can stop thinking about the other. Danger and possible death swirl around them, leading to heightened suspense in RED-HOT SANTA. Readers will find their hearts pumping as it becomes clear that someone may not come out alive.

Tori Carrington has once again given readers a heart pounding, nonstop action tale in RED-HOT SANTA. Tied to The Pleasure Seekers trilogy, we catch brief glimpses of Jackson 's brother Jason and another member of the Lazarus Security firm, Lincoln Williams. Jackson has gone to work for a rival agency. Will this prove to be a success or failure? Can he ever convince Jason he's no longer a kid? Christmas is around the corner, and how will the holiday season go for Jackson and Max? Sexy time together, or will their Christmas be lonely and blue?

Pick up RED-HOT SANTA for a thrilling and sexy ride you won't want to put down.

Patti Fischer