Harlequin Blaze #703
ISBN: 978-0-373-79707-3
August 2012
Series Contemporary Romance

Arizona Present Day

In order to prove his abilities to his employer, Lazarus Security, Jonathon Reece takes on the job of hunting down and bringing in alleged murderer and fugitive Mara Findley. Unbeknownst to Jon, he runs into a disguised Mara at the airport as they both arrive. He's intrigued by her then, but when he tracks down his quarry and realizes who she is, well, he nearly can't make himself bring her in.

Mara has basically been on her own since she was sixteen, so she hopes her skills will help her keep one step ahead of the authorities and the extremist group who set her up on the murder charges. Ex- army ranger Jon Reece sniffs her out before she can get her gear out of her place, and Mara is going to have to keep her wits about her if she can escape him. But her bounty hunter soon turns into an ally when they are both nearly gunned down. Can Mara prove her innocence and stay alive? Can Jon save his reputation with Lazarus Security, or has he lost his credibility by falling for a fugitive?

Wow, what a page turner Tori Carrington has written with GUILTY PLEASURES. Jon and Mara are on the run from law enforcement and an anti-government group, both of which are intent on silencing Mara. There is Jon, the straight-laced former military man who wants to shine with his bosses but is suddenly lusting after his intended quarry.  Mara was abandoned by her mother as a teen and ended up connecting with an extremist anti-government group who penalizes those who try to get away. Her punishment is being set up for the murder of a federal employee, but they're planning to kill her before she can spill the beans. Even turning herself in means certain death as the group has ways of getting to people they consider traitors. Mara doesn't know whom to trust. Jon isn't exactly looking too good right now, despite the sizzling attraction between them. Jon and Mara are at odds, yet they're soon on the run together trying to stay alive. Can Jon trust that Mara is telling the truth? His gut instinct says yes. Mara isn't sure whether to rely on Jon, because he may betray her for the reward money. Mutual distrust abounds in GUILTY PLEASURES, yet a bond forms within this unlikely couple.

Mara isn't your typical romance novel heroine, and Jon suffers from the goody-two-shoes syndrome. But in GUILTY PLEASURES, Mara and Jon form an alliance that is built on distrust for the law and making sure justice is served. Jon has a girlfriend back home in Colorado, but memories of her soon fade as his intense attraction to Mara heats up. He may be in jeopardy of losing his job if he fails in this assignment, but he wants to make sure he's doing the right thing with Mara. Nonstop action highlights GUILTY PLEASURES, and if you're like me, you'll be whizzing through the pages in order to discover what happens next. With sizzling adventure and sex scenes that will have you reaching for an icy cold drink, be sure to pick up GUILTY PLEASURES for a read that is a guilty pleasure of its own.

Patti Fischer