Harlequin Presents #3228
ISBN: 978-0-373-13234-8
April 2014
Series Romance

Mumbai, India – Present Day

Nearly a year ago, Tina Sharma married Dev Arjun, a member of Bollywood acting royalty, after she became pregnant. Sadly, Tina miscarried and she spiraled into a depression that forced her to eventually flee Dev. Now she's back in Mumbai, ready to face Dev and ask for a divorce, but he has no intention of letting her go, at least not right now. He forces her to accept his terms for a divorce: she has to agree to live with him for two months and pretend they are a happily married couple—including sharing the same bed. It infuriates Tina that Dev has the upper hand, since she doesn't have the money or the power to turn him down. But her biggest issue will be trying to pretend she isn't affected by being around him. Will she fall into the same trap as before—loving a man who doesn't love her back?

Susanna Carr introduces readers to inside the SECRETS OF A BOLLYWOOD MARRIAGE. Dev's family is powerful and wealthy in the Mumbai movie industry, and the paparazzi are ready to pounce onto any inkling of scandal or impropriety. Tina's background is from the poor side of the city and many think she entrapped Dev by deliberately getting pregnant. Dev doesn't feel that way, because from the moment he met Tina, he became enthralled with her, but an unplanned pregnancy forced him to step up and marry her. After she lost the baby, she withdrew and rejected Dev, finally running away. He didn't know where she was until she shows up at his house, demanding a divorce. He doesn't know it yet, but Tina has seen the tabloid stories that it's his destiny to marry another woman—one deemed more fit to be the wife of Bollywood royalty. Dev is going to have to convince Tina she is the only woman he wants, and this means wooing her, even if he has to put some pressure on her. She resists, but Dev is just too irresistible to Tina.

Dev might be strong and heavy handed at times, but deep down is a man who also grieved for the baby they lost. Raised by emotionless parents, he has a hard time expressing his true feelings, and in SECRETS OF A BOLLYWOOD MARRIAGE this barrier makes it difficult for Dev and Tina to communicate. Add in her feelings of being inferior and they have a lot of talking to do—but the only way they know how to talk is by making love. Hopefully by the end of SECRETS OF A BOLLYWOOD MARRIAGE, Dev and Tina will break through the communication bubble and begin to see how love can bring them together for a happy future with each other.

For a powerful and passionate tale with an intriguing glimpse into the world of the “other” Hollywood, grab yourself a copy of SECRETS OF A BOLLYWOOD MARRIAGE.

Patti Fischer