‘TIS THE SEASON – Robyn Carr
Harlequin MIRA
ISBN: 978-0-7783-1664-0
December 2014
Contemporary Romance

California – Present Day


Set in Virgin River, this is the story of Annie McKenzie, animal lover, small business owner, and single. Annie stops in Virgin River on her way to her parents' farm and ends up rescuing a litter of tiny puppies from under the town Christmas tree. She also meets Nate Jensen, the town's new veterinarian. He grew up with Annie's brothers and only remembers her as a red-headed, skinny kid with braces. The two are attracted to each other as they work together to take care of the puppies. With a lot in common, and a town more than willing to help keep them together, this was a fun story for the holiday season.


Sunny Archer is visiting her uncle Nathaniel in Virgin River over New Year's Eve. For a year she has been struggling to cope with being left at the altar by a man she thought loved her. Her photography business kept her from many weekends with him, and his schedule as a cop kept him away the rest of the time. Still, it was a shock when he called off the wedding just hours before the ceremony. Sunny's disposition has been anything but pleasant ever since, so when she meets Drew Foley, a second-year orthopedic resident who is very much interested in her, Sunny is cold and stand-offish. But Drew is not one to give up so easily. Will he be able to melt Sunny's icy demeanor?


Jess Wainscott's daughter is back in town, possibly for good, with her four-year-old twin boys in tow. Jess had sent Leigh a message that she had been diagnosed with a heart condition and thought it might be a good idea to have her daughter around. Jess also hires local handyman John McElroy to refurbish her garden and prepare it for a big party in the early summer. John is happy for the business in more ways than one. Leigh is the love of his life and after a torrid love affair, she left Durango for California and her husband. Now that Leigh's husband has died, Leigh sees no reason not to return to Durango and care for her supposedly ailing mother. But what is really going on? Both Leigh and John are in for a few surprises compliments of Jess.

Three sweet stories from Robyn Carr that make for entertaining reading.

Jani Brooks